Outlook not good for missing Michigan boys

Drunk-to-keep-warm defense works for DWI suspect

Roadside Secret Santa at it again along New Jersey highway

For the fourth year in a row, Christmas ornaments have shown up on a tree along the New Jersey highway.

New York City bees turn red from cherry juice

Food coloring from Dell's Maraschino Cherries Company changed the color of both the bees and their honey.

Pennslyvania firm admits crimes in human bone cement trial

The medical device company Synthes Inc. pleaded guilty to conducting unauthorized tests of its bone cement on about 200 spinal surgery patients.

Secretary of State begins 4-nation tour in Kazakhstan

Clinton's trip follows on the heels of Sunday's WikiLeaks disclosures, which included documents with unflattering mentions of top Kazakh government officials.

4 killed at Missouri apartment complex

A gunman killed himself and three others in what investigators believe to be a domestic dispute Tuesday.

Va. grandmother charged with murder of granddaughter

Police said the grandmother threw her toddler granddaughter from a mall walkway, where she fell several stories to her death.

Pentagon study dismisses risk of repealing 'don't ask, don't tell'

The study found that 70 percent of troops surveyed believed that repealing the law would have mixed, positive, or no effect.

Don't go overboard with Vitamin D, report cautions

While some people truly are seriously deficient in vitamin D, the average American in fact already has enough circulating in his or her blood — because we also make vitamin D from sun exposure, and because many people already take multivitamins or other D-containing dietary supplements.

Intense Rock Bridge wrestling coach seeing improvement

Travis Craig's intensity has helped improve the Bruins wrestling program during his three years as head coach.

Strong defense helps Columbia College men's basketball team coast to win

The Cougars beat Lyon College for the second time this season and moved to 8-1 on the season.

Boone County Commission nearing approval of East Area Plan

The commission will be the final government body to vote on the plan.

ROSE NOLEN: 'Monied minority' use free speech without considering consequences

Radio and television station owners use their media to spread bigotry and hatred that could risk American lives.