Missouri Republicans pick new leaders, focus on job creation

State Republican leaders said their party's recent victory is a sign that Missourians are demanding a government that is fiscally responsible. State Democratic leaders chalked up their party's loss to a national trend of frustration with the federal government.

Proposition B stirs range of responses

Dog breeders have one year to meet the new regulations.

MedZou enters contest to win diagnostic services

MedZou, a Columbia clinic for the uninsured, has entered a contest to win $50,000 to spend on diagnostic procedures. The winner is chosen by popular vote, and the polls are open until Nov. 30.

Medical diagnostics often not available to uninsured

Many of Columbia's uninsured are unable to receive diagnostic screenings and preventative care, which can often lead to premature and preventable deaths.

Tree inventory under way at Stephens Lake Park

Columbia Parks and Recreation plans to use advanced technology to identify annual monetary savings provided by trees in Stephens Lake Park.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think about 2010 election results?

Voters all over the country flocked to the polls Tuesday for midterm congressional elections and other issues.

Work continues on the MU Power Plant chimneys

Workers ascended the south chimney at the MU Power Plant on Tuesday to continue repairs to the crumbling structure.

Finance director accepts Honduras post

Lori Fleming, the city's Finance Department director, has accepted a position with Honduran Finance Ministry.

Jefferson City, Fulton approve smoking bans

Both measures received more than 50 percent of the votes.

Statewide amendment results

All three amendments to the state constitution passed, including a measure that prohibits the state from implementing a real estate transfer tax.

Robb edges Christianson for Boone County presiding commissioner

Republican Ed Robb campaigned on a platform of reducing the salaries of Boone County's elected officials.

Missouri voters approve earnings tax measure

Proposition A requires voters in the state's two large cities to approve existing earnings taxes every five years. The measure has statewide ramifications by also barring other Missouri cities from imposing their own earnings tax.

A two-person, two-party town

With incoming House Speaker Rep. John Boehner and President Barack Obama there is a greater need for the two parties to work together.

Cape Girardeau voters approve measure allowing gambling

The measure reportedly passed with 61 percent of the vote. However, the vote does not ensure that a casino will be built in the city.

Incumbent Democrat loses in state auditor race

Republican Tom Schweich wins the state auditor race over Susan Montee.

Missouri volleyball team wins four-set match at Colorado

The Tigers improve to 16-8 overall after handing the Buffaloes a loss.

Republicans' gains extend to Missouri offices, too

Republicans were poised to increase their majority in the General Assembly by at least 19 seats.

J. KARL MILLER: NPR made a mistake in Williams' dismissal

For NPR to have fired Juan Williams for expressing an honest and reasonable opinion is both shameful and preposterous.

Libertarian candidate Dwyer receives unusually high percentage of votes

Christopher Dwyer, Libertarian candidate for the 9th Congressional District, received 22 percent of the vote during Tuesday's election, which is considered a rare occurrence for third-party candidates.


Luetkemeyer wins 9th District Congressional election seat

Blaine Luetkemeyer's campaign stressed the need to create jobs and balance the federal budget.