Martial arts school breaks boards for charity

What goes "POP!" and raises money? A board snapping as part of a recent fundraiser at Hockman's ATA Black Belt Academy. The event, the first of five, raised $12,000 for the University of Missouri Women's and Children's Hospital.

Jury convicts Smart kidnapper, insanity plea rejected

Brian David Mitchell was convicted Friday on charges of kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor across state lines for the purposes of illegal sex. Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in 2002.

Columbia Transit announces winter bus schedule

Regular fixed routes during the winter break will continue as scheduled, but campus routes will temporarily cease.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: How can Afghanistan stabilize?

Journalists from around the world discuss the future of Afghanistan, which faces both a seemingly resurgent Taliban amid corruption, violence and a planned U.S. military pullout.

Gateway Arch to become 'iconic national park'

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill took a tour Friday of the Gateway Arch and the surrounding area.

Gov. Nixon raises $1 million in five weeks

The largest donation for Nixon's 2012 re-election campaign was $100,000 from the United Auto Workers.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia should consider privatization of utilities

Columbia handles electric and water utilities for its residents, but after observing the way some other cities around the state handle them, it may be more beneficial to turn to private utilities.

Medicaid coverage lacking for northwest Missouri woman

When Lisa Aiken lost her job and insurance, she lost the prescription for Prialt, a drug that helps her deal with the pain from vertically tearing her spinal cord seven years ago.

Economy going nuclear on science fairs

Science fairs across the country are shrinking and some shutting down because of budget cuts and loss of sponsorships.

World War II-era defense plants in Missouri still rev up economy

Thousands of Kansas City workers report for duty at two defense plants built for World War II. In some ways, things at the plants haven't changed much.