DEAR READER: Readers can help keep records requests alive

By spotting the Missourian, readers can help fund records requests.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The world is more complex than J. Karl Miller says

A Columbia resident writes that there is more to the story than what J. Karl Miller explains in his weekly columns.

After array of legal challenges, Missouri schedules next execution for January

On top of the legal challenges, a national shortage of an anesthetic drug has halted executions, but that shortage is expected to end soon.

COLUMN: Making up stories for strangers fun way to pass the time while traveling

We all know the feeling: Come the holidays, millions of Americans must travel anywhere between one and 20 hours in order to visit family who will greet them, gift them and eventually express minor disdain at all of the decisions they have made in the past six to 12 months. Instead of thinking about this on the way, I lie.

Missouri plans to resume death penalty on Jan 12

Like Richard Clay, any one of 13 other men of the 61 on death row in Missouri could be scheduled for execution in the coming months.

$3.4 million donated to MU College of Veterinary Medicine

James H. Redhage left the donation to fund three MU College of Veterinary Medicine senior residencies as an expression of gratitude for the years of loving care given to his dogs.

LETTER: Kespohl, Segert choose to serve, not rule

Third Ward Councilman Gary Kespohl and Mayor Bob McDavid want to run Columbia as an efficient business, and that's a pleasant change.

Williamson, Anderson reunite as opposing head coaches

A former assistant coach and a former player will find themselves on opposite sidelines on Saturday night at the Missouri men's basketball game.


Coach's wife likes to get involved in Missouri basketball

Marcheita Anderson had a great seat for the Missouri men's basketball team's win over Presbyterian on Dec. 11, but it doesn't take long to find out that coach Mike Anderson's wife is not the kind of fan who wants to watch from a luxury suite.


Columbia Rep. Mary Still continues to push payday lending reform

State Rep. Mary Still, D-Columbia, plans to propose a cap on annual interest rates for the loans at 36 percent — a dramatic drop from the state's average of more than 400 percent. Columbia City Council officials have also considered payday loan reform in recent years.

Approved Boone County budget reflects harsh economic environment

Expenditures are projected to exceed revenue for the fourth consecutive year.

Columbia citizens file official complaint in response to Taser incident

A man was shocked with a Taser in the Subway on Ninth Street this past month, and eight citizens have filed an official complaint about the incident.

Miners on the Move offers incentive for Missouri S&T employees

Miners on the Move, a pilot wellness-incentive program through the UM System, offers faculty and staff $150 to get healthier.

Challenged by making something out of wood, Begley takes on Santas

Kevin Begley has made wooden rabbits for Easter and witches for Halloween, but nothing's stuck like his handmade Santas. "No two are alike," he said.

The formal protocol for executions in Missouri developed by the state Department of Corrections

The atlatl's first season in Missouri comes to a close

Some hunters hope the season will be extended next year, increasing their chances of bagging a deer with this ancient weapon.




Lee Elementary students perform at MU Chancellor's house

Students performed during the event that was meant to raise awareness about the Imagination Library.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Is there any legitimacy to Kissinger's 'unconcerned' mindset?

Both The New York Times and The Boston Globe wrote articles concerning former President Richard Nixon's international mindset.

Missouri Death Penalty Timeline

Here is a chronology of key events surrounding the death penalty in Missouri since 2005.

Fast, new wireless technology on its way to Columbia

Fourth-generation wireless, or 4G, will lessen download times on cell phones. It is the successor to the 3G technology that has steadily gained acceptance since about 2000.