Death of Breezewood Estates resident is now homicide

Aletha Turner was found unconscious on Monday morning. She died Wednesday afternoon at University Hospital. Sheriff's Detective Tom O'Sullivan said it was obvious to responders that her injuries were substantial.

Opposing fans meet in the middle at Braggin' Rights game

Fans of opposing teams met on the dividing line of the Scottrade Center on Wednesday night, but only one left with 'Braggin' Rights.'

Columbia man creates Timberworks Toys to spark young minds

Chris Heston has taken a new approach to a timeless toy: building blocks. The Columbia cabinet maker uses hard maple to craft Timberworks Toys, and he's proud that they are locally made and meant to engage children's imaginations.

Bowers comes up big for Missouri men's basketball

With 1.3 seconds remaining, and Missouri holding a 75-64 lead over Illinois, Laurence Bowers walked over to the side of the Scottrade Center  and waved his arms up and down, a big grin on his face. The Tigers had sealed their second-straight victory over the Illini, and Bowers had quite a game, finishing with 13 points. He also came up with the play that sealed Missouri’s win.

Family finances: Money habits have family roots

Personal relationships with money reflect influences that go all the way back to childhood. Kids learn from the ways their parents handle spending, saving and debt.

Meet pallid sturgeon 1094 — beacon for a species

The Columbia Environmental Research Center keeps track of a specific pallid sturgeon in the hopes that studying her reproductive patterns can help them understand why the species is endangered.

Missouri officials expect revenue to grow 4 percent

The estimate of general state revenue for the budget year predicts the state will collect about $7.3 billion in the 2012 fiscal year. That would be up about 4 percent from the current budget year but well below the figure for 2008, when the state began having to cut spending.

Taser complaint asks for clarification in November's Subway incident

A citizens' complaint asks the Columbia Police Department to clarify Taser use in a November incident. The contents of the complaint by eight people were released Tuesday.

City tentatively approves solar energy lease

The Columbia City Council voted 6-1 to sign a lease with Free Power Co. to develop solar panels.

MedZou jumps in rank in Pepsi Refresh contest

The student-run clinic is four spots away from getting a $50,000 grant.

Police seeking information on missing Columbia man

Foristell police are looking for missing Columbia man Nicholas Coppola who was last seen about 10 days ago.

Missouri men's basketball team wins second straight over Illinois

No. 9 Missouri earned 'Braggin' Rights' with a 75-64 victory over No. 21 Illinois on Wednesday night at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.


Christmas Day meals covered by three Columbia organizations

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be offered at three different sites on the holiday.

J. KARL MILLER: A fine line separates the right to know and the need to know

Wikileaks' subject matter is obviously not intended for the public eye, and what good came from the revelation of Deputy Police Chief Dresner's affair? What is the line between what the public has the right to know, and what the public needs to know?

DAVID ROSMAN: GOP doing best to make a happy holidays — for the rich

Rather than govern, the Party of the Right is doing all it can to run out the clock on this lame-duck session of Congress.

Sedalia to pay city administrator $63,750 to leave job

City Council members approved a separation agreement with administrator Frank Myers during a closed meeting this week.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Reagan's approach needed to rescue New START arms-control deal

If ratified, the new treaty will reduce verification standards necessary to make sure arms reduction is happening.