Police: Effort to burn evidence backfired

Endangered children in smoke-filled house gave police authority to enter house where drugs were suspected.

Missouri church owners just want to save the limestone

The owners of the former Holy Name Catholic Church have gone to court to halt its demolition, at least temporarily, while they seek a way to somehow salvage the countless blocks of limestone and other materials used to construct the 22,000-square-foot example of Gothic Revival architecture.

Missouri teen finds second chance through mentor

Jeremy Williams, 16, faced a grim future but thanks to a man who'd lost a son and found Jeremy alone, his life has changed. For the first time since sixth grade, Jeremy is in school. By definition, Jeremy entered St. Louis Public Schools as a homeless student — one of 1,714 enrolled in the city school system this fall.

GUEST COMMENTARY: A few things to keep in mind about the WikiLeaks cables

The comminiques between diplomats can't be fully understood without knowing their historical context, the motivations of the writers and the motivations of the leakers.

FCC issues new net neutrality rules

This past week, the Federal Communications Commission passed the net neutrality rules by a 3-2 vote. The new rules will prevent broadband Internet service providers from blocking any legal website or slowing down the transmission speed of certain content.