Missouri men's basketball coach Mike Anderson set to break record with his 100th win

Now in his fifth season, Missouri coach Mike Anderson's 100th win with the Tigers is likely to happen at Mizzou Arena. Anderson's record at Missouri is 99-47, and the Tigers play their next three games on Norm Stewart Court.

With a win over Northern Illinois on Monday, Missouri men's basketball coach Mike Anderson would earn his 100th win at Missouri, reaching the milestone in fewer games than any previous Missouri coach. 

Franklin a truly fresh face for Missouri football team

There are few factors that, at face value, set apart Missouri backup quarterback James Franklin. He’s funny, but even starter Blaine Gabbert will crack a joke. He’s polite, but many of his teammates’ reserved manners border on politeness. He is religious, but many Tigers thank God for their success on the field. With Franklin, the differences are in the details, and when you’ve spent time with him you realize just how unique those details make him. His humor is different, more genuine and guileless, and his politeness isn’t just a means to evade questions. His religion, though so much less overt than many athletes', is deeper — there’s no need to talk about it — and it drives everything he does.

Shoppers turn out Sunday to take advantage of post-holiday sales

The day after Christmas is one of the busiest of the year for retailers. Customers armed with gift cards, Christmas cash and items to return swarmed stores in Columbia on Sunday.

Storm bears down on the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic

Missouri, Iowa set to put football past aside

On Dec. 28, Missouri will play Iowa for the first time since 1910, bringing a once ugly rivalry into the 21st century.

Snow storm postpones Vikings-Eagles game

Olympic filmmaker Bud Greenspan dies

Missouri football team focused on Insight Bowl

The Missouri football team has spent the past weeks learning how to blend the fun of playing in the Insight Bowl with the intensity it needs to succeed on Tuesday in Tempe, Ariz.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Boone County healthy lifestyle survey statistics

The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services surveyed more than 1,500 adults and 800 children about their exercise and food habits.

In Congress, a harder line on illegal immigrants

BOONE LIFE: Hairdresser fulfills last request by styling deceased's hair

Carolyn Selby finds that after more than 25 years as a hair stylist, she now gets requests from clients to be ready to prepare their hairdos for their funerals.

Search continues for suspect in 1992 Angela Lawless slaying

Since the Scott County sheriff reopened the case and Joshua Kezer was exonerated, a nationally known expert has found a long-hidden fingerprint on old evidence.