Woman missing since Dec. 20 found dead in car

KTVI-TV reports that police found the body of 26-year-old Jessica Eberhardt of High Ridge about 3 a.m. Tuesday in Arnold.

All new first-class stamps will be 'forever'

The U.S. Postal Service's new plan is designed to help customers cope with postage increases. The service is seeking a 2-cent increase in the standard letter rate.

Obama expected to name new top advisor in early January

The replacement for departing National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers will largely influence the administration's efforts to help reduce unemployment and improve the economy.

Two cheerleaders sue Missouri school over discipline

The cheerleaders, who are not identified in the lawsuit, allege their constitutional rights were violated by the Seneca school district when they were taken off the squad.

FDA warns against sprouts from Urbana organic farm

An FDA investigation into an outbreak of salmonella infections suggests a link to the farm's alfalfa sprouts in sandwiches from Jimmy John's restaurants.

ROSE NOLEN: Education is the cornerstone of society

We are not taking full advantage of the public education system we have, so we are not adequately training tomorrow's leaders. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama's tax deal will hurt Social Security

The tax deal ends the Making Work Pay program, which was targeted at the middle class, and replaces it with the Payroll Tax Holiday, which favors the rich.