A day in the life of a snowplow driver

Derrick Ray is one of 30 city workers who take turns in 12-hour shifts keeping Columbia's streets passable in winter storms.

Giffords likely shot in front, not back of head

Doctors still cannot say for certain.

Obama to give State of the Union on Jan. 25

This year's address is being closely watched for signs of how far Obama will go to work with Republicans, particularly on economic policies and on efforts to reduce the nation's long-term debt.

43 jobs to be saved at Fulton State Hospital

Missouri bill would tighten threshold for election recounts

Recounts are costly but rarely affect the outcome, says a Hartville Republican. His measure would lower the margin required for a recount from one percentage point to 0.5.

Columbia Public Schools looks for ways to meet budget shortfall

Superintendent Chris Belcher outlined a number of possible ways to meet projected shortfalls for Columbia Public Schools.

Airfare increase seen likely to stick

The increase on many domestic routes ranges from $4 to $10 per roundtrip ticket, depending on the length of the flight.

Foundation financing Missouri tobacco use survey

More than 50,000 Missouri residents may be interviewed in the coming year as part of a statewide survey of tobacco use.

FDA helps states get execution drug

The FDA helped Arizona and California obtain a hard-to-find execution drug. Missouri is running out, but the FDA won't comment about the rest of the supply.

Joplin-area club boosts paranormal activity tours

While much of the fun is looking for the supernatural, the real point is to raise money to preserve the historic Victorian mansion. The next monthly tour is Feb. 2.

Columbia considers adjusting fluoride levels after federal recommendation

The city plans to communicate with the state Department of Natural Resources to discuss changes in the recommended levels of fluoride in drinking water.

Missouri hunter admits he, not cattleman, killed mountain lion

The cattleman was covering for the hunter because killing the cats is allowed to protect livestock. However, because the hunter feared for his safety, he won't face charges either.