Missouri's alley-oop dunk puts Kansas State down for good

Laurence Bowers' alley-oop dunk on a no-look pass from Phil Pressey snuffed Kansas State's momentum in the Missouri men's basketball team's 75-59 victory Monday at Mizzou Arena.

Kansas State can't slow down Missouri's Phil Pressey

Missouri guard Phil Pressey used his speed to embarrass Kansas State’s defenders in the Tigers' 75-59 victory Monday over the Wildcats at Mizzou Arena.


Starbucks announces bigger cup: Trenta holds 31 ounces

Nighttime candle walk celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday night, about 50 people participated the yearly candle walk in celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

Columbia celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

About 65 people gathered to hear speeches honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

St. Louis County creates new traffic enforcement zone

Eight St. Louis County cities initially dubbed the seven-mile stretch of I-70 an "accident reduction corridor."

Federal government spends millions on hoop houses

The federal government has spent millions to help farmers buy greenhouse-like structures that can add valuable weeks to their growing seasons.

Israeli defense minister quits Labor Party

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak abruptly announced Monday that he was leaving the Labor Party.

Tunisia prime minister declares new government

Tunisia's prime minister announced a national unity government on Monday, hoping to quell simmering unrest following the ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali amid huge street protests.

Missouri senators seek voter input on redistricting

The state will lose one of its nine U.S. House seats in the next election due to low population growth.

Cape Girardeau community celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s memory

The 21st annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration honors a man who maintained his faith despite suffering injustice.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri unemployment statistics by county

Search Missouri unemployment statistics from 1990 to the present by year, month and county.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you think the newly proposed USDA guidelines for lunches are a good idea?

The USDA’s newly proposed guidelines could affect school lunches for 32 million children. Do you think the newly proposed USDA guidelines for school lunches are a good idea?

Prosecutors: Guantanamo convict deserves life term

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for the first Guantanamo detainee tried in a civilian court.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Farm bill is always an easy target

The U.S. farm commodity support, crop insurance and export programs are the most vulnerable to media attack, and yet they are the very programs designed to keep the United States self-sufficient in food production.

Missouri handles Kansas State at Mizzou Arena

The Missouri men's basketball team defeated Kansas State 75-59 on Monday at Mizzou Arena.