Obama and China's Hu sit down to discuss world affairs

The world's two largest economies will work together, despite tension in human rights. Obama says working with China will raise American exports and thus create jobs in America.

St. Charles bans protests during funerals

The ordinance is similar to one passed by St. Louis County, which is scheduled to take effect Feb. 7.

Motorcyclists: Helmets make riding more dangerous

Motorcycle enthusiasts asked the Missouri Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday to repeal Missouri's mandatory helmet law.

Callaway County boy dies after being hit by school bus

The 6-year-old boy died Tuesday afternoon. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the boy walked into the bus' path before he was hit.

Gov. Nixon's State of the State speech

The text from the governor's address Wednesday.

Group seeks investigation of former St. Louis priest

William Christensen denied accusations that he molested teenagers in Bangladesh. A group is asking the U.S. authorities to prosecute him.

U.S. Department of Justice wants health care lawsuit dismissed

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder filed a lawsuit against the federal health care overhaul last year.

Historic Union Pacific trains to pass through Missouri

Railroad fans in Missouri and Arkansas will have a chance to see one of Union Pacific's historic steam locomotives later this year because they won an online contest.

Use of so-called 'fake cocaine' on the rise

The powders are sold in stores as bath salts, but contain stimulants that can cause rapid heart rates, seizures and hallucinations.

J. KARL MILLER: Remember victims of Tucson shooting, not pundits

Some politicians and commentators seek to profit from tragedies like the shooting in Tucson while ignoring the consequences.

Columbia organizations hold 8th annual Homes for Computers program

Voluntary Action Center clients could receive used computers and equipment in a drawing for the 8th annual Homes for Computers program.

LETTER: College Republicans and Democrats unite in condemning Arizona shooting

College Republicans and Democrats are joining President Obama and other U.S. leaders in condemning the shooting in Arizona that left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords gravely wounded.

LETTER: Columbia residents donate thousands of presents to children worldwide

An organization thanks Columbia residents for filling thousands of shoe boxes with toys and school supplies, in spite of the unstable economy.