Teach For America to receive $100 million

Four philanthropists have joined together to donate $100 million to Teach For America to help the program start its first endowment. 

Fewer Missouri employees on Medicaid following cuts

Medicaid enrollment for Missouri state employees is down more than 60 percent since laws passed in 2005 made qualifications for the program more stringent. 

Coach and daughter bring new attitude to MU swimming team

New Missouri swimming coach Greg Rhodenbaugh and his daughter sophomore Courtney Rhodenbaugh want to show a new sense of commitment to the Tigers.

UPDATE: Missouri lawmakers considering two tax amnesty proposals

Missouri lawmakers consider a tax amnesty to entice delinquent taxpayers to settle accounts.

Missouri taxpayers might get amnesty on outstanding taxes

A House panel is set to discuss legislation Thursday that would give amnesty to taxpayers for all unpaid taxes due before the end of 2010.

UPDATE: Ex-Missouri Sen. Jim Talent won't run for Senate

Former Sen. Jim Talent declines to run for Senate in 2012, opening the door for other Republicans and investing in his personal causes. 

FEMA denies assistance to St. Louis storm victims

The damage from theThe New Year's Eve storm is not covered by FEMA, leaving St. Louis residents without federal help. 

Some Missouri lawmakers want to reject school money

They don't want the money because it's part of an influx of federal money and because the governor wants to cut school funding the following year. 

Columbia College women's basketball team stays undefeated in AMC

The Columbia College women's basketball team beat Harris-Stowe 95-48 on Saturday at the Arena of Southwell Complex to stay undefeated in American Midwest Conference play at 7-0.

State representative calls for repeal of cooler ban on rivers

Rep. Don Ruzicka, R-Mount Vernon, cites current litter laws and the ban's exemption of a type of foam commonly used to make the coolers as reasons why the 2009 law should  be lifted.

Bristol Palin invited to Missouri's Washington University for abstinence panel

Bristol Palin, single mom and 20-year-old daughter of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, was invited to be part of Washington University's panel on abstinence. 

Ex-Missouri Sen. Jim Talent won't run for Senate in 2012

Former senator Jim Talent's decision not to run against Sen. Claire McCaskill in 2012 opens the door for new contenders. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the Missouri House keep wages for tipped employees the same?

Business owners want to repeal a minimum wage increase for tipped employees that sets their wages at $3.63 an hour.