COLUMN: Share the lessons learned in snowstorm

Three students. Three shared stories in the snowstorm.

TIGER TIPOFF: More than 50 years ago, Missouri and Colorado battled for conference titles

Former Missouri player and coach Norm Stewart recalls a season when Colorado took the Big Seven Conference men's basketball title out from under the Tigers. 

PHOTO GALLERY: Students head back to school after snow days

School was back in session on Friday after three snow days, during which time MU was closed.

TIGER TIPOFF: A Q&A with Colorado men's basketball player Alec Burks

Colorado guard Alec Burks answers questions about not playing for his home-state team and his performance Jan. 8 against the Missouri men's basketball team.

MU residential hall advisers turn 'situationally critical' in blizzard

MU residential hall advisers and coordinators didn't get to sleep in with fellow students Tuesday morning during the snowstorm that rolled through Columbia. Not only did they shovel through more than 17 inches of snow on pathways, but they also volunteered at dining halls when staff members couldn't make it to campus.

DEAR READER: In reporting the snowstorm, the first question should be whether the coffee will hold out

When winter weather comes, the news — and the newsroom — must go on.

MU hosts budding entrepreneurs at idea summit

The event is expected to attract business owners and venture capitalists.

TIGER TIPOFF: MU women's basketball team benefits from Shakara Jones' motherly advice

No matter how tough things get for the Missouri women's basketball team, senior Shakara Jones is always there to offer encouragement.

Missouri gymnastics loss to Nebraska a positive turning point

Despite falling short against No. 10 Nebraska, Missouri gains its first feel for a "killer instinct" and nearly came back against the Cornhusker. After a disappointing last-place finish at the Metroplex Challenge, the narrow loss could be a turning point for the Tigers.

Ceiling leak ruins Hickman homestand, game against Lincoln Prep

A leak in Hickman's gymnasium ceiling brings a game between the Kewpies and Lincoln prep to a premature end.

Seniors shine on Missouri Swimming Senior Day

Missouri senior swimmers won 10 events against Drury on Friday.


MU plans snow day rescheduling

MU could have a plan to make up three snow days by next week.

Columbia businesses thaw after big freeze

Sycamore and Sophia's move forward after closing their doors for the snow storm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Surgeries at St. Louis VA medial center could resume next week

Contamination concerns led to the medical center halting surgeries Thursday.

Missouri to mark 100th anniversary of Capitol's burning

Several officials will lead fire trucks in a circle around the Capitol on Saturday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of a fire that burned down the statehouse.

Missouri state parks seek young adults to fill summer jobs

Missouri is seeking young adults between the ages of 17 through 21 years old to fill temporary maintenance, restoration, interpretation and social media jobs at state parks this summer.

UPDATE: Snow on rooftops prompts evacuation of 2 Missouri buildings

Two state Health Department buildings were evacuated Friday because of snow that accumulated on the rooftops.

Plowing Missouri highways estimated to have cost $5.5 million

Clearing the roads after the winter storm this week is estimated to have cost the state of Missouri at least $5.5 million.

UPDATE: Police say robbery suspect used victim's credit card

One of the suspects used a stolen credit card and was seen on a surveillance camera, according to the MU Police Department. Police are still looking for suspects.

The Old Farmer's Almanac had predicted snowfall in Missouri

The Old Farmer's Almanac had predicated the snow this week, but its weather prediction for late Feburary and mid-March clashes with Punxsutawney Phil's.