Carnahan, Fox News settle Senate race lawsuit

The lawsuit centered around the Carnahan campaign's use of Fox News footage in an ad.

Missouri to receive federal aid for winter storm

President Obama declared a state of emergency in Missouri on Thursday.

Columbia moves forward in blizzard cleanup

All critical, first priority and second priority snow routes have been cleared.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does lower unemployment rate signal an improved economy?

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped from 9.8 percent to 9.4 percent in December.

TIGER TIPOFF: Pingeton's rotation taking shape for Missouri women's basketball team

Missouri women's basketball coach Robin Pingeton found a player rotation that has the Tigers in eighth place in the Big 12. The team was projected to finish in the bottom two in the conference before the season began.

Missouri phone rates up nearly 50 percent in three years

The average monthly rate for residential service was $17.11 per month in 2010, up from $11.49 in 2007. A survey found the average rate rose 15 percent for business customers.

PHOTO GALLERY: Snowball fight on the Quad

Students created a Facebook event to organize an on-campus "Snow Brawl" during the recent snowstorm.

3 farm workers killed when SUV plunges into Oklahoma river

Television footage showed the large vehicle resting upright and partially submerged in the Spring River on Thursday. Five other passengers are in critical condition with hypothermia and trauma related to the crash.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Determining the impact of Egypt's turmoil

Problems in Egypt could affect the Middle East, a region already accustomed to social and political problems.

Newton County man dies of hypothermia

The 89-year-old man was found dead outside his home after being reported missing early Thursday.

Russ Carnahan campaign possibly target of fraud

Forty-two bogus checks defrauded the campaign out of $28,023, according to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report.

State Health Department buildings evacuated because of roof snow

Two state Health Department buildings were evacuated because of snow on the roof. Workers are expected to return Monday.