Ice, snow wreak havoc from Texas to New England

The storm's more than 2,000-mile reach threatened to leave one-third of the nation covered in a hodge-podge of harsh weather. Making matters worse was the expectation of brutal cold and winds gusting near 60 mph.

Storm cancels flights, makes travel difficult

Interstate 70 closed across the state while Kansas City International airport closed and hundreds of flights were delayed out of St. Louis.

Snow day creates snow stories in Columbia

One man wanted to leave town to see his newborn grandsons. Another didn't want to set foot outside. One woman made sure the birds got fed, and another wrote a poem to mark the storm. Almost everyone in Columbia had a snow story Tuesday.

MU dining halls continue to serve students during storm

MU's Campus Dining Services called in extra workers Tuesday, along with some help from Residential Life staff.

FAQ: What do I need to know to vote in the municipal election?

The last day to register to vote in the April municipal election is March 9.

Missouri lawmakers end work week early because of storm

The Senate was adjourning Tuesday until next week.

Storm hits hard early in Missouri

The anticipated storm lives up to its hype as emergency officials in Polk County request help from the Missouri National Guard.

Missouri legislature remains in session despite snow

Both the House and Senate were scheduled to meet in regular session Tuesday.

Massive storm begins trek across Midwest

Despite dire warnings of the potentially deadly storm predicted to affect a third of the country, some people seemed a little excited Monday at the prospect.

Obama urges Mubarak to step down now

Obama said the Egyptian president needs to step down now and begin the transition in Egypt.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missourians brace for blizzard

Potentially the worst winter storm to hit Missouri in decades began its trek across the state Tuesday, bringing surreal amounts of snow, freezing rain and dangerously cold temperatures.


Weather elsewhere: Australians brace for oncoming cyclone

As Cyclone Yasi approaches the Australian coast, residents and visitors are evacuating. Following a series of floods, the storm is expected to be catastrophic.

Got cabin fever? Here are some remedies

When the snow has you stuck inside, there are plenty of links to keep you entertained.

LETTER: Don't repeal the health care overhaul

The U.S. health care system is too costly and needs to be reformed.

One person injured in overnight fire at Holiday House Apartments

Residents were evacuated for part of the night, but they were back in their apartments at 6 a.m.

ROSE NOLEN: Political parties must behave responsibly

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri would benefit from more charter schools

By assigning children to high schools based on their location, Missouri is limiting poor and minority students' opportunities to receive a better education. Charter schools should be allowed to open in cities besides Kansas City and St. Louis.

Weather elsewhere: Volcano erupts in southern Japan

For the first time in 52 years, Shinmoedake volcano had a major eruption last week, followed by a larger one this week.

VIDEO: Students host snowball showdown at MU

Students used Facebook to organize a snowball fight on Francis Quadrangle in the middle of Monday's blizzard.

MU student robbed at gunpoint

Police are still looking for two suspects.