Missouri House approves tax amnesty legislation

The Missouri House of Representatives approved legislation to provide amnesty for delinquent taxpayers; it now goes to the Senate.

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines raise domestic fares; others follow

A few major airlines boosted fares on flights within the 48 contiguous states, but none of the low-cost airlines – Southwest, JetBlue and AirTran – have raised prices in response.

Missouri House approves franchise tax phase-out

The Missouri House of Representatives voted 106-52 Thursday to approve the removal of the franchise tax by the 2016 tax year.

LETTER: Unwanted newborns need protection as much as unborn children

Laws making abortion more difficult might make it possible to require a woman to carry a baby to term, but it is not possible to make her want or love the child.

St. Charles city, county still want to bar funeral protests

Despite the Supreme Court ruling Wednesday, St. Charles city and county officials say the decision left open whether various local and state restrictions on funeral protests are constitutional.