MU celebrates women's history month

Author and civil rights activist Maya Angelou will visit MU in April. Her visit follows many events celebrating women's history month — most free and open to the public.

TIGER TIPOFF: Friends work around Missouri-Kansas basketball rivalry

Missouri's Kim English and Kansas' Josh Selby are both from Baltimore and they talk at least once a week.

Pro-Gadhafi forces crack down on protesters in Libya

As protests continue throughout Libya, forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi start to use more force against those who call for the leader's ouster.

Human trafficking legislation passes Missouri House

House members voted 155-0 for a bill that would require convicted traffickers to pay restitution to compensate victims and to cover the cost of mental and physical rehabilitation.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Documentary filmmaking blends art with nonfiction

The founder of the True/False Film Festival and two documentary directors share their behind-the-lens views.

Missouri prison inmates train dogs for adoption

The Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston has implemented a program that allows inmates to train dogs to produce more adoptable dogs and to assist in their own rehabilitation.

Missouri family enjoys Niangua River in the winter

As winter changes to spring, one Missouri family enjoys the tranquility of the Niangua River.

New police car cameras scan license plates

Police departments in St. Louis and surrounding areas are installing license plate scanning cameras in police cars to screen passing vehicles.

Washington University study will examine characteristics of obesity-related diseases

Thirty volunteers will join the four-month study conducted by Washington University. The chief researcher said the study aims to find out why some people are resistant to obesity-related diseases while others are not.

Oil prices hit highest level since September 2008

Crisis and uncertainty in the Middle East continue to impact the price and production of world oil supplies.