MU Children's Hospital launches online safety store

Families will be able to get child safety products, such as safety seats and bicycle helmets, for free through the new online store.

MU Groups work together on One Mizzou program

The program aims to promote diversity through pledge banners, online diversity training and a summer welcome program.

Student charged with writing racist graffiti outside Hatch Residence Hall

Benjamin Elliott, 18, was charged with second-degree property damage motivated by discrimination.

60 killed in major tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake

The quake was followed by more than 20 aftershocks, most of them more than magnitude 6.0. The death toll likely will climb given the scale of the disaster.

Tsunami barrels toward U.S. western coast

The tsunami slammed the eastern coast of Japan, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people as widespread fires burned out of control. It's traveling at 500 mph.

Missouri higher education revenue per student 49th in nation

Missouri's total available revenues for higher education institutions declined by 12 percent on a per-student basis from the fiscal years of 2005-10. It is now ranked 49th in the nation only in front of New Mexico.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Women face challenges, showcase strengths in reporting

Marking the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Global Journalist went live and brought in female journalists from around the world to discuss their experiences in reporting.

Titanic survivor Molly Brown's Hannibal home to reopen

If renovations go on as scheduled, Brown's childhood home could be open to the public by Memorial Day.