Snowfall Monday breaks Columbia's daily record

The 6 inches of snow helped the 2010-2011 season climb to second place on the all-time list for most snowfall from July to June.

Afternoon activity buses canceled for elementary and middle schools

The afternoon activity buses usually run about an hour after dismissal and take students home after tutoring, club meetings or intramural sports. These activities have been canceled for the day.

Seasonal snowfall second highest on record

Columbia's seasonal total reached 50.6 inches Monday morning. The record is 54.8 inches in 1977-1978.

Men's basketball coach Mike Anderson reiterates commitment to Missouri

Speculation about the coach's future with the Tigers emerged after Sunday's announcement that John Pelphrey had been fired as coach at Arkansas. 

Boone Life: What It Feels Like To Go Pro

MU student Hannah Riddle lives her dream of becoming a professional barrel racer.

COMMENT: NCAA's not-so-shining moment on Selection Sunday

Omitting schools such as Colorado and Virginia Tech raises lots of questions, but once the tournament heats up, there's little doubt a legitimate champion will be crowned.

Shots fired in southern Columbia early Monday morning

The shots were heard on Apple Tree Court, off Southampton Drive, at about 2:05 a.m. on Monday.

5 inches of snow recorded at Columbia airport

Columbia and some surrounding areas received between 3 and 5.5 inches overnight.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Programs use tax money to lobby against transparency

Organizations that receive taxpayer funding should be required to report who gets the money, how much they get and for what purpose it's spent on lobbying.

NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament bracket

Need a tournament bracket for the women's championship? Download the printable version right here.

Truck swerves into Hinkson Creek, lands on roof

The driver crawled out of the vehicle unharmed.

Sobriety checkpoint, saturation patrol increases planned for Columbia this week

In order to impede intoxicated driving, the Columbia Police Department will hold a sobriety checkpoint and increase saturation patrols as part of the "You Drink & Drive. You Lose." campaign.

Columbia woman empowered in Wisconsin protest

Columbia woman Nirtana Goodman said she was impressed by the civility and democratic process demonstrated in the peaceful protest in Madison, Wis.

KBIA raises more than $145,000 in face of potential cuts

The spring fundraising drive for the National Public Radio member exceeded its goal. Some donors said they were motivated by a potential end to federal funding for public broadcasting.

Restaurants shuffle locations as downtown landscape evolves

The Pasta Factory is heading west, Bambino's has found a new home, and International Cafe is soon to be in one, too. Those are a few of the changes in the downtown restaurant landscape.

Columbia School Board approves salary increases, employee benefits

The board voted to approve salary increases, to alter some pay scales and to continue funding employee benefits with minimal changes.

Missouri Senate takes on 'right to work'

A bill to end unions' collective bargaining in Missouri and begin 'right to work' has made it to the Senate floor. The bill faces oppositions from unions who say the bill will weaken unions.

Missouri House bill would allow injured workers to choose own doctor

Workers' compensation recipients could choose their own medical provider after on-the-job injuries to diagnose whether an injury is job-related or pre-existing.

Bill would add Missouri to pact against health-care reform

The Missouri House Rules Committee voted to pass a bill that would add Missouri to a multi-state Health Care Compact. The compact says that regulating health care is too complex for the federal government and is pushing for state-regulation of health care.

Missouri House passes stricter limit on late-term abortion

If the bill becomes a law, a 20-week-old fetus deemed viable by two physicians could not be legally aborted in Missouri.