Stephens College to host ribbon cutting for renovated television studio

Stephens College will host a ribbon cutting event for a renovated television studio on Thursday.

MU Student Center restaurants 'stealthy' about healthy

Take a nutritionist to lunch at MU's Student and what do you find? Donuts on display, but not a single deep fryer in the Student Center restaurants.

Americans are living longer, but racial gap remains

Better medical treatment, vaccination campaigns and anti-smoking measures might explain why people live longer, experts say.

Japan crisis could slow U.S. nuclear industry

Japan's nuclear explosions might stymie the Obama administration's effort to develop nuclear energy in the U.S.

UPDATE: Missouri House members mull ban on international laws

A House committee heard testimony Wednesday on a measure that would prevent courts from considering international and Sharia law.

States consider legislator layoffs to trim budgets

With state budgets getting tighter, some legislators would like to downsize themselves.

Rural Missouri task force recovers $2.5 million from thefts

The task force investigated 815 rural crimes since August 2009 and made 162 arrests.

Father fights for terminally ill son's life in St. Louis hospital

St. Louis is the haven for a terminally ill toddler after an Ontario court ruled the child's breathing tube could be removed.

UPDATE: Sexual offender citizenship bill gets first-round approval in Missouri House

The bill requires the Missouri State Highway Patrol to check the citizenship and immigration status of sex offenders and turn over those who are illegal immigrants to the federal government for deportation. Opponents argue the bill is redundant.

Experts say U.S. grain exports to Japan likely to slow

Japan is a top buyer of U.S. grains and meats, but the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami could cause the country's demand for the products to drop.

Applicants sought for Missouri Court of Appeals

The vacancy in the Eastern District results from Judge Nannette Baker's resignation. Baker accepted an appointment as a federal magistrate judge.

Missouri House approves business loan program extension

The program has lent more than $550 million and affected nearly 9,000 jobs and farmers in the past two years.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kindergarten sign-ups

From about 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., future kindergartners go with a parent to their future elementary school to sign up.

Japan nuclear crisis in a tangle of ominous and hopeful signs

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko said at a congressional hearing in Washington that all the water is gone from the spent fuel storage pond of Fukushima Daiichi's Unit 4 reactor, but Japanese officials denied it.

Man surrenders in hit-and-run that injured KC boy

Kansas City police say the child remained hospitalized in grave condition Wednesday.

DAVID ROSMAN: Politicians should do homework, read Missouri's constitution

There is a great reason why the state constitution separates religion and government. Why don't those in politics get it?

Missouri Senate backs early presidential primary

The Senate approved an amendment setting Missouri's 2012 presidential primary one week after New Hampshire's.

Mo. House wants sex offenders to provide citizenship status

If passed, the bill would require thousands of registered sex offenders to have their citizenship and immigration status listed in public. The bill has won the state House' endorsement and needs another vote before it moves to the Senate.

Missouri House members mull ban on international laws

Don Wells, R-Cabool, sponsored the bill because he thinks courts should only consider laws developed in the U.S.