Missouri lawmakers call for stiffer anti-bullying rules

Some House representatives want school districts to create policies against cyberbullying and to strengthen on-campus anti-bullying rules.

House approved gradual repealing of corporate tax

The legislation reduces the franchise tax rate over five years until it is repealed in 2016.

Rock Bridge golfers win William Woods Invite

Senior Wilson Sundvold led the Rock Bridge boys golf team to the title of Wednesday's William Woods Invite at Tanlgewood Gold Course in Fulton.

Missouri Senate backs harsher human trafficking rules

The new bill would mean harsher penalties and sue those convicted for more damages.

Nixon seeks to add $1.1 million for dog inspections

A proposed $1.1 million addition to the state budget would hire staff to help regulate dog-breeding facilities.

Missouri Senate backs eased disclosure of adoption information

One part of the bill would make it easier for adopted adults or their descendants to find out information about their biological parents if those parents have died.

Animal communicator visits Stephens College

Joan Ranquet, a self-described animal communicator, is giving a free presentation at 7 p.m. Thursday at Stephens College.

College baseball reconsiders murky rule on agents

Student athletes fall victim to the NCAA's one-size-fits-all approach to agents in college sports.

Republicans and Democrats face off, government shutdown imminent

President Barack Obama is negotiating with Republicans in proposed budget cuts. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer blamed the tea party movement. 

J. KARL MILLER: Vietnam anniversary provides opportunity for overdue recognition

Thirty years ago Wednesday, the last American troops left Vietnam. Since then, those who served in that war have faced ridicule and personal attacks for doing their duty.

Smoking bans pass in three Missouri towns, fail in one

While voters in O'Fallon, Springfield and Webb City endorsed a smoking ban, Cape Girardeau voters defeated a smoking ban proposal.

DAVID ROSMAN: Banning Sharia law is fearmongering and unconstitutional

By prohibiting Sharia law in Missouri courtrooms, we're promoting hatred toward Muslim Americans.

'Cleanse' diets include potential benefits, risks

Cleanse diets can range from eating fruits and vegetables to consuming no solid food. Advocates of these diets say they help get rid the body of toxins, but some health experts disagree, saying cleanses are unnecessary.

Fox News drops Glenn Beck's afternoon talk show

The show will end later this year, but the station and Glenn Beck said they will continue to work together to create new projects.

Republican Sen. Lembke to allow jobless benefits

Sen. Jim Lembke said his next move is to block the state from spending federal stimulus money on projects such as home energy efficiency programs for low-income residents.

UPDATE: Missouri House approves new congressional districts

Missouri will lose a congressional district due to populations shifts from the last census.