Carnahan, investment experts to head MU finance panel

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan will discuss Missouri's role in financial markets during a 12:30 p.m. speech Wednesday. The third annual finance symposium is open to the public.

Poll shows social networks used for study, friendships

A majority of high school and college students surveyed said social networking websites are an excellent or good way to interact with fellow students, get information on class assignments or school events and to form study groups with peers.

Missouri House OKs bill limiting use of foreign law

The legislation would void court and arbitration decisions based on a foreign legal code that does not offer the same protections as the Missouri and U.S. constitutions.

St. Louis businessman might challenge McCaskill in Senate race

John Brunner, chairman of the health care products company Vi-Jon Inc., said Tuesday he is considering entering the 2012 Senate race.

Missouri insurers say 15,000 cars stolen in 2010

Almost half the thefts reported occurred in St. Louis or Kansas City. The Ford Taurus was the most targeted vehicle, according to the Missouri Insurance Information Service.