UPDATE: Missouri Senate backs tougher domestic violence laws

The bill standardizes definitions for "adult," "child," "abuse" and other words that have to do with domestic violence.

Columbia School Board approves uniform contract for Adidas apparel

The board hopes this three-year contract will give schools an equal and consistent quality of uniforms. Without the district's funding since 2006-07, there's been a disparity in the quality of uniforms among schools.

Earthquake drill planned for Missouri families, schools, businesses

On April 28, 10 Midwest states will take part in a collective earthquake drill, the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut, to promote earthquake preparedness.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What impact would gender-neutral housing have on MU students?

A student resolution was passed last week that would remove restrictions on allowing opposite sex roommates.

Poll finds that education is key in youth job search

A recent survey found that only one-third of young adults, ages 18 to 24, who aren't in school have full-time jobs. Three-fourths cited cost as a reason they bypassed college.

COLUMN: Doomsday prophecies are unproven wastes of time

Earth Day should be spent enjoying creation, not worrying about unfounded doomsday predictions.

COLUMN: Spirit of Earth Day should be one of action

Instead of engaging in light-hearted celebrations, we should try to recapture that air of anger and worry about unsustainable practices once expressed on Earth Day.

Galloway to be sworn in as Boone County treasurer Friday

Nicole Galloway, a Columbia accountant, will be taking over for Interim Treasurer Lisa Roland, who filled the post after former treasurer Janice Fugit died Feb. 1.

COLUMN: Sustainability shouldn't be a publicity stunt

Being "green" has gone from advocacy to a corporate trend that doesn't actually include doing anything that helps the environment.

Columbia College softball wins two, splits AMC title

The No. 23 Columbia College softball team won a share of the American Midwest Conference title with two wins over Harris-Stowe State University on Thursday.

Midwest, Plains bankers forecast growth in rural economy

A report released Thursday by bankers gave a positive outlook for the coming months in the rural economy. But they warned that skyrocketing energy prices could stall the growth of the economy.

Patee House in St. Joseph receives Civil War plaque

The Patee House was commandeered by Union soldiers in June 1861. It is now an official Civil War site and museum.

Rep. Chris Kelly proposes increasing state cigarette tax

Rep. Chris Kelly wants voters to decide whether to raise Missouri's current 17-cent cigarette tax to 98 cents per pack.

Auditor raises concerns about Gov. Nixon's travel costs

Republican Auditor Tom Schweich said that $1,630 charged to the Division of Workforce Development doesn't seem proper and distorts costs.

Missouri Division of Finance warns against loan scams

The division said some homeowners have received mailings that asked them to join a class-action lawsuit that doesn't exist.

COLUMN: Earth Day should be every day

Spending more time outside will help you appreciate the environment and want to preserve it.

Missouri Senate approves stricter domestic violence laws

The legislation requires state prosecutors rather than local authorities handle cases involving repeat domestic violence offenders.

COLUMN: Environmental responsibility is easier than finding a new planet

There's only one Earth for us to live on — let's keep it clean.

Kansas City man indicted in underage sex case

Corey McKinney, 34, has been charged in a five-count indictment by a federal grand jury.

Missouri couple indicted for $3 million farmer fraud

A Missouri couple is accused of selling about $3 million of farmers' grain without their permission.