Former city manager Bill Watkins to manage Riback Supply Co.

The former city manager will be the top manager of Riback Supply Co. and will start work in August. He officially left his position in March, and the new city manager is scheduled to begin next week.

LETTER: 'Will of the people' shouldn't go unchecked

Politicians shouldn't disregard what their constituents want, but oversight is an important part of the process.

LETTER: Missouri Human Rights Act modification will weaken civil rights

Missouri Sen. Brad Lager's proposed improvements for the Human Rights Act will eliminate some of the current protection for employees statewide.

LETTER: Clearing up misconceptions about the Second Injury Fund

Some in the business community are saying the Second Injury Fund is paying people for non-work-related injuries. This statement is not accurate and represents a misunderstanding of the fund.

Lambert Airport in St. Louis expects to operate at capacity soon

Lambert officials credit the quick recovery partly to being able to use gates inside Concourse D that had been closed last year.

Rainbow House to educate parents on adolescent self-harming

A forum will be held 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Columbia Public Library to provide information on healthy ways to address the issue.

ROSE NOLEN: Prowling rummage sales difficult to give up

A new apartment's lack of storage space forced the end of a rewarding habit.

Earth slide closes highway across Table Rock Dam

Missouri officials closes state highway 165 in southwest Missouri because of a 40-yard section of land that slid down the north side of the dam. The dam is safe, however.

All-county tornado sirens intended to provide more useful warning

Tornado sirens are set up to sound for any threat in Boone County. This policy is based on the unpredictable nature of tornadoes.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects quick review of health care law

A judicial review of President Barack Obama's health care legislation will continue in federal appeals courts after the Supreme Court rejected a request to speed up the review process of the law.