Tax credit helps pregnancy resource centers disseminate information some find misleading

A comparison of pregnancy resource centers and Planned Parenthood shows differences in information offered to pregnant women.

Missouri lawmakers pass limits on late-term abortions

The legislation would repeal a general exception for a woman's health from an existing law against aborting viable fetuses. Late-term abortions would apply only when a woman's life is endangered or the pregnancy poses a serious risk of a permanent physical impairment.

People, animals flee Mississippi River flooding

The flooding has been swamping low-lying neighborhoods in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. 

Police: Man who tried entering Army base caught

Cody N. Willcoxson of South West City was taken into custody Thursday afternoon. Willcoxson had been spotted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla earlier.

One of first pro women's basketball teams recognized for blazing the trail

The All-American Red Heads, a barnstorming women's basketball team that was formed in 1936 in Missouri, is being honored next month at the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tenn.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU prepares for graduation

MU staff worked on a stage in the Francis Quadrangle on Thursday as students prepared themselves for graduation day.

GEORGE KENNEDY: How good our schools are depends on how much we want to fund them

Funding is crucial to a quality public school system. Declining revenues must be met with other sources of income.

Missouri lawmakers approve bill changing school sex abuse laws

The legislation, passed unanimously by the House and the Senate, would require districts that fire teachers in abuse cases verified by the state to disclose the information to other districts that might be considering hiring such teachers. 

Statue enshrines Churchill's 'Iron Curtain' speech in Missouri

A new statue capturing the moment Sir Winston Churchill delivered his "Iron Curtain" speech in 1946 is being unveiled at Westminster College in Fulton

Study shows it's not teacher, but method that matters

The study, conducted by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, found that students in a more interactive classroom scored about twice as high on a test compared to those who heard a normal lecture.

Missouri softball team wins at Oklahoma State

The Missouri softball team kept its Big 12 Conference title hopes alive with a 5-1 victory Thursday at Oklahoma State.

Rock Bridge junior golfers focused on state success

Juniors Will Echelmeier and Austin Evans say this is the year the Rock Bridge boys golf team has enough talent to win a state title.

Mary Lehmann: Regency Hotel's only, and probably last, permanent resident

For $30 a night, Mary Lehmann, 85, lives in a 10-by-15 foot hotel room that overlooks Columbia. But her tiny living space doesn't limit her opportunities to be vocal about issues in the community.

MU employee arrested on stalking charges

Fulton Police arrested Charles W. Fay, an MU employee, on charges of stalking. Fulton police tracked Fay's MU username to 358 harassing e-mails all sent within 90 minutes. 

African Children's Choir to perform Saturday, Sunday in Columbia

The choir of children selected by academic and music teachers in Africa will sing contemporary Christian music and gospel music this weekend in two churches.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should police officers be provided legal representation when brought before the Citizens Police Review Board?

An attorney for the Columbia Police Officers Association requested that the city pay for legal counsel for the safety of officers who are brought before the Citizens Police Review Board. What do you think of this proposal?

Missouri lawmakers approve new college grant programs

Missouri lawmakers have approved the creation of college grants for nursing programs and for students who score well on math and science exams.

Dream Outside the Box shows career options to children

The program was started by MU junior Kam Phillips and introduces children at the Columbia Boys and Girls Club to new sports and careers.

Three assaulted with sharp weapons during fight in northwest Columbia

A knife and axe were involved as one man chased another from West Sexton Road to Banks Avenue.

UPDATE: Police confirm gunman no longer on Rolla campus

The university immediately sent out an alert warning its roughly 6,000 students and faculty to stay away from campus or, if already on campus, to remain indoors.