Officials defend frisking of baby at KC airport

The screeners were just doing their jobs after a stroller set off an alert, federal officials say. The incident became an online phenomenon after a picture was posted to Twitter.

COLUMN: Bin Laden's death got political too quickly

It was distressing to watch politicians use a potentially unifying event to deepen the line between parties.

Missouri Senate votes down election law changes

The Missouri Senate has narrowly defeated a measure to eliminate February and June as months for public elections.

Nixon signs bill limiting farm nuisance lawsuits in Missouri

The bill seeks to make it harder for individuals to recover damages over agricultural nuisances, such as odor or noise, caused by neighboring farms and livestock operations.

Conservation department confirms another mountain lion in northeast Missouri

A landowner in Macon County took pictures of large tracks in a muddy creek bed in late April and the conservation department has confirmed that the tracks belong to a mountain lion.

Astronauts back for next-to-last shuttle flight on Monday

The shuttle launch to the International Space Station is scheduled for Monday. Electrical trouble delayed the launch which was scheduled to occur on April 29.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center holds free screenings next week

The screenings will be held on the afternoon of May 20 and advance reservations are required.

Organ donation tax check off passes in Missouri Senate

The legislation would let individuals donate $2 or more to the Organ Donor Program Fund through a check-off box on their state income tax forms.

Department of Natural Resources waives environmental rules after flood

The waivers are intended to aid in the quick disposal of waste in counties affected by floods and are in effect until at least May 23.

Police say gunman spotted on Rolla campus

A spokesman for Missouri University of Science and Technology said a man carrying a gun was seen entering McNutt Hall on the campus and then later seen leaving the building.

University of Central Missouri acquires space shuttle program memento

NASA donated one of the tiles that helped protect the shuttle during the extreme temperatures it encountered when entering Earth's atmosphere.