PHOTO GALLERY: Aftermath in Joplin

A metal chair is stuck into the outer wall of an Academy Sports + Outdoors store off South Range Line Road in Joplin after Sunday's EF5 tornado.

Two days after a tornado struck Joplin, residents began trying to recover from the horrific event. Hundreds of structures were severely damaged in the city.

One injured in fire at Stadium and Old 63

An employee was injured after a fire broke out at Weil Tire & Auto Tuesday evening.

Belcher's volunteer army attacks achievement gap in Columbia Public Schools and beyond

Fighting the achievement gap is more than just a school issue — it's a community issue. Volunteers from the community are taking up arms against the problems at the core.

Rock Bridge girls soccer advances to state quarterfinals

Alyssa Fancher scored the first goal for the Rock Bridge girls soccer team in its 4-1 victory over Camdenton on Tuesday in Class 3 sectional competition.

UPDATE: Severe thunderstorms kill 7 in Oklahoma and Kansas

Five people died in Oklahoma after several tornadoes struck during rush hour, and two people died in Kansas after strong winds threw a tree into their van.

Tornado death toll rises to 122 in Joplin

The Joplin tornado is now the 8th-deadliest single twister in U.S. history.

PHOTO GALLERY: Aerial view of Joplin tornado aftermath

A tornado that tore through Joplin on Sunday destroyed much of the city, including houses, businesses, schools and the hospital. As of Tuesday, the death toll was at least 116. Crews were still searching through the rubble. 

Missouri Task Force 1 searches for Joplin tornado survivors

Boone County's Missouri Task Force 1 members are among those searching the rubble in Joplin. At least 117 people were killed and an unknown number of people were injured during Sunday's storm.

Toll: Four dead in Oklahoma, two in Kansas

Tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma City, Oak., and high winds through St. John, Kan Tuesday night with winds of up to 151 mph.

UPDATE: Oklahoma tornadoes leave 4 people dead, 3 children injured

Tornadoes plowed through Oklahoma City on Tuesday, rolling down areas surrounding Oklahoma City. Other regions of the state are still under a tornado watch.

Obama to visit Joplin on Sunday

The president said the federal government will use all the resources it can to help Joplin rebuild. Obama will travel to Joplin the day after he returns from a six-day trip to Europe.

MU baseball team set for ninth straight Big 12 Tournament

The Missouri baseball team will make its ninth straight appearance in a Big 12 Conference Tournament when the Tigers play Texas on Wednesday afternoon in Oklahoma City.


PHOTO GALLERY: Cicadas emerge, shed skeletons in Columbia

Brood 19 has arrived in Columbia, and the cicadas are beginning to shed their exoskeletons.

Physicians look to tribal medicine for treatments, diagnoses

A two-day symposium on tribal medicine covers the future of tribal and herbal healing in modern-day health care.

UPDATE: One injured in fire at Stadium and Old 63

An employee was injured after a fire broke out at Weil Tire & Auto Tuesday evening.

Skala to visit Public Works Department about parking garage lights

Residents said the garage hosts too many lights with no way to dim them. The electric bill for the parking garage was $3,298 over March.

Survivors pick up lives, homes after historic Joplin tornado

With 122 dead, 750 injured and an unknown number missing, people are attempting to reconnect with friends and family in the aftermath.

Property owners affected by levee breach file lawsuit against corps

A temporary fix of the levee is scheduled for March 2012, but landowners think this is too slow. Over 80 people are involved in the lawsuit, which claims the levee breach violated their Fifth Amendment rights.

Dispatch from Joplin: Picking up the pieces

Joplin residents are just beginning to cope with the devastation caused by Sunday's tornado, digging through collapsed buildings to uncover trapped victims and sifting through collapsed homes will continue as the town continues to assess damage and fatality numbers.

Joplin tornado nation's deadliest in more than 60 years

With 122 deaths and counting, Sunday's storm became the eighth-deadliest single tornado in U.S. history.