UPDATE: Personal transportation proves difficult in Joplin after tornado

With an estimated 18,000 vehicles destroyed in the May 22 tornado, Joplin residents and businesses are working to get their transportation situation back up to speed.

UPDATE: Missouri regulators approve electricity price jump in Joplin area

Missouri utility regulators approved a rate increase for the Empire District Electric Co., which serves the Joplin area, despite the May 22 tornado that devastated the city.

Joplin elementary school declared usable by engineer

Emerson Elementary School was orignally thought to be destroyed in the May 22 tornado but was declared structurally sound by an engineer and an insurance carrier.

DAVID ROSMAN: Voter fraud not an issue that needs a constitutional amendment

Voter fraud does not warrant constitutional amendment because restrictions could add unaffordable costs for lower-income voters, and fraud cases are too infrequent.

Joplin urges caution from debris removal dust

As debris-removing begins in Joplin, officials warn of dust that might contain harmful material.

134 now confirmed dead after Joplin tornado

All missing persons have been accounted for, officials said. 

Missouri regulators approve electricity price jump in Joplin area

Although state official acknowledges it's horrible timing, the deal was agreed upon prior to the devastating May 22 tornado.