UPDATE: Columbia Public School elementary students talk about their year

Students from Ridgeway, Benton, Parkade and Shepard Boulevard Elementary schools were asked to recount the coolest thing they learned or did this year.

Various students from Ridgeway, Benton, Parkade and Shepard Boulevard Elementary schools were asked to recount the coolest thing they learned or did this year.

DEAR READER: Jim Terry still rules the words in Show Me the Errors contest

The ongoing spirit of the Missourian's Show Me the Errors contest parallels the witty and intellectual look at word usage and editing taken in some of author Bill Bryson's books.

UPDATE: John Edwards pleads not guilty to felony charges in North Carolina

Two-time presidential candidate John Edwards has pleaded not guilty to charges that he solicited and spent more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby from the public.

Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian dies at age 83

The physician famous for advocating and for assisting with suicide died Friday.

John Edwards charged in felony indictment

Two-time presidential candidate John Edwards was charged with soliciting and hiding more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby.

Study: Americans worry about businesses peering in on Internet use

A new study found that many Web users worry about businesses monitoring their online activities but that still doesn't stop them from continuing with online activities.

DEAR READER: Keeping up with the latest styles

Exploring the finer points of how the Missourian decides whether it's a "drive-thru" or a "drive-through."

Earleywine, Missouri look to avoid another winless Women's College World Series

Thursday’s loss to No. 4 Florida marked the Tigers' fifth consecutive loss at the Women’s College World Series. They play Oklahoma at 1:30 p.m on Saturday.

NCAA players, coaches teach next generation at women's World Series

Outside the stadium hosting the Women's College World Series, young players get a hand up from college athletes.

Unemployment rises to 9.1 percent nationwide

Job growth in May was the lowest in eight months.

In South Dakota, some blame corps for flood threat

Some are blaming the Army Corps of Engineers for sudden flood threats in South Dakota. Corps officials insist this is not the case.

Big 12 giving pay raise to 10 league teams

The league has decided to equally divide 76 percent of its income from television, an increase from the previous distribution of 57 percent of TV dollars among the former 12 teams.

Three more Missouri football games picked for television

A total of four Missouri football games will be televised, and others may be picked at a later date.

Joplin officials plan meeting to discuss tornado

City Manager Mark Rohr said a public meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday in Taylor Auditorium at Missouri Southern State University.

Officer hit by lightning after Joplin tornado dies

Riverside Police Chief Greg Mills says 31-year-old officer Jefferson "Jeff" Taylor died Friday at a Springfield hospital, where he had been a patient since he was struck by lightning May 23.

Some Joplin bond agents refuse to post bail for looters

Joplin bond agents are divided on whether to post bail on those arrested for looting in the wake of the recent tornado.

Jefferson City looks to improve storm warning system

Missouri capital city looks to upgrade its tornado sirens in the wake of recent Joplin tornadoes.

Columbia's Street Tree Assessment Team member named Volunteer of the Month

Roger Gadbois, Columbia's volunteer of the month, hopes his recognition will generate interest in Columbia's Street Tree Assessment Team.

Residents of nine Nebraska counties evacuate for flooding

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in two counties. Volunteer evacuations are taking place in others.

Hope Church in Columbia to close this month

After opening in 2003, Columbia Hope Episcopal Church is closing its doors due to low attendance and funding. The church will hold its last service June 26.