UPDATE: Gov. Jay Nixon cuts $172 million from Missouri budget, including education funding

A spring wrought with damage from natural disasters prompted Gov. Jay Nixon to cut $172 million from the budget, set to take effect July 1.

UPDATE: Gov. Jay Nixon cuts Missouri education funding

Cuts included an $8 million reduction in state busing aid to public school districts, a $17 reduction in aid to colleges and universities and a $3 million reduction in college scholarships.

Death toll in Joplin rises to 151

Zygomycosis, a rare fungal infection, might be contributing to the death toll wrought by the May 22 tornado.

UPDATE: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon cutting education funding

The governor is set to announce budget cuts for public schools and universities Friday.

Senior games aficianado impressed by Missouri State Senior Games

Ron Snipe of Port Angeles, Wash., has attended senior games in 32 states. Columbia is one of nine locations on his schedule this year.

DEAR READER: How misinformation about cicada ice cream evolved

Despite good intentions, one news outlet's mistake spread wrong information.

Forecasters say deaths from tornadoes hit them in pit of stomach

Weather forecasters often feel helpless when tornadoes descend and death tolls rise. Tornadoes have killed more than 520 people this year.

Flooding overwhelms Montana; supplies ferried in

Musselshell River flooding has trapped people in rural areas around Roundup. 

Missouri River 340 alternative to occur on Kansas River

An alternative to the Missouri River 340 will be held on the Kansas River in late July.

Couple finds love through pickleball

Eldonna Coats and her husband, Mike Coats, were married last year.

UPDATE: Nixon signs extension of Missouri prescription plan

Gov. Jay Nixon extended the deadline for the Missouri Rx Plan, previously set to expire Aug. 28, in an effort to renew health care aid for lower-income elderly and disabled Missourians.

Iowa pair wants to spread the word about pickleball

Steve Stone, 53 and Ron Stiers, 67, are the only two USA Pickleball Association Ambassadors from Iowa. The friends traveled to Columbia this weekend to compete in the Missouri State Senior Games on Friday in preparation for the Iowa Senior Olympics next weekend. It will be the first time that Iowa has included pickleball in its Senior Olympics.

Couple competes, learns from each other at shuffleboard meets

Robert and Ruth Brumback have been playing shuffleboard together for 10 years at the Missouri State Senior Games.

UPDATE: At full flow, mighty Missouri puts on show

Flowing at a record rate, the Missouri River provides a spectacle to behold at dams in the Dakotas.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to enact budget cuts

The governor is set to sign a new, decreased budget into law Friday, in light of the recent natural disasters.

Joplin crews speed pace of debris cleanup

City manager Mark Rohr told reporters Friday that more than 350 trucks have hauled away 197,000 cubic yards of debris.

UPDATE: Missouri loan agency offers help to fund college scholarships

The Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority board approved a $30 million transfer for college scholarships.

Aggressive fungus zygomycosis strikes Joplin tornado victims

A fungal infection has sprung up after May 22 tornado.

At full flow, mighty Missouri River puts on show

Flowing at a record rate, the Missouri River provides a spectacle to behold at dams in the Dakotas.

Joplin funeral homes strain to provide for increase in services

Parker Mortuary and Mason-Woodard Mortuary owners say they have been able to deal with the amount of requests for their services, in spite of the excess strain caused by the May 22 tornado.