ANALYSIS: Troop cuts herald shift in United States' approach in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama's withdrawal plan signals his readiness to scale back war goals in an attempt to ease the transition to an Afghan-controlled security force.

Joplin records 156th death from May tornado

The victim died of injuries received during the twister, city officials say. 

Obama: 30,000-plus surge troops leaving Afghanistan

President Barack Obama emphasized the need to move forward from the costly wars in Afghanistan, saying that Osama bin Laden's death was an indicator of the strain al-Qaida is facing.

J. KARL MILLER: Not being Obama is GOP's biggest advantage

With the president's approval rate dropping under 50 percent, Republican candidates  may benefit from the simple fact that they are not President Barack Obama.

DAVID ROSMAN: Republican candidates must move toward center

To have a chance to unseat President Barack Obama, the Republican presidential candidates must get organized and come up with a more moderate strategy.

UPDATE: Part of Bustamante's statement won't be used in trial

A Missouri judge decided that a juvenile officer used deceptive tactics to interview Alyssa Bustamante about the death of a 9-year-old neighbor girl, and the statement will not be used.

Higher releases at Gavins Point increase Missouri River forecasts

Water released from Gavins Point Dam in South Dakota surpassed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' previous limit Wednesday after heavy rains over South Dakota added up to a foot to river forecasts for Boonville.

Statement blocked in murder case against Bustamante

A judge suppressed potential evidence against Alyssa Bustamante after discovering a juvenile officer wrongly participated in an interview.

PHOTO GALLERY: Swim meet at West Broadway Swim Club

LETTER: Extending trail through sanctuary a mistake

Creating a trail that cuts through the south end of the Audubon Nature Sanctuary is unnecessary.

Oregon artist to create stamp of personal favorite Mark Twain

The stamp's illustrator, Greg Manchess, has been a fan of the author's since he was young.

Kentucky family picks up the pieces after I-70 accident

A family of eight lost most of the belongings they were carrying in a camper during a rollover accident Monday on Interstate 70 heading west.

Nixon extends emergency declaration to aid natural disaster relief

The declaration, originally scheduled to expire June 20, will now run through Sept. 15.

Boone Hospital Center patient tower with private rooms opens Monday

Having all private rooms in a hospital prevents infection, provides safety for patients and curbs medical errors.

Columbia woman killed, two others injured in highway crash

A fatal car crash on Interstate 70 killed a 28-year-old passenger and left the driver and another passenger seriously injured.

Derrick Washington issued eighth continuance for domestic assault trial

On Monday, Washington's felony trial was delayed likely until early fall. His attorney  had predicted the misdemeanor would be pushed back as well.

FEMA to set up more than 300 mobile homes in Joplin

The organization plans to build 348 modular homes off of Missouri Highway 171 near the Joplin Regional Airport.

Tornado repairs at St. Louis airport could cost $30 million

Officials expect the bill to increase once costs from interruption of business, lost revenue and emergency repairs are considered.

Oil rig owner Transocean blames BP decisions for Gulf disaster

An internal report released by the company pushed most of the blame onto BP for the April 20, 2010, explosion and the resulting oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Man wanted in Boone County arrested in Michigan

The man was wanted on a felony warrant for molestation and statutory rape.