GUEST COLUMN: As July 4 nears, Joplin gives thanks

As the community recovers, people will gather with friends and families to celebrate life and remember the victims of the terrible tragedy. 

World War I medals to be displayed in Jefferson City

The two medals were awarded to a surgeon and are on loan to the state museum. They will be displayed for the next six months.

Southeast Missouri State University will have to turn students away

New students who don't complete the admissions process by July 8 will have to wait until spring to start classes because of full residence halls.

Missouri River levee fails in southwest Iowa

Residents had already been told last week to evacuate the area.

Owner of Tony's Restaurant in St. Louis attacked

The 80-year-old owner, Vince Bommarito, fought back when two men attacked him from behind and stole his briefcase.

City news update will be held Friday morning

The agenda for Tuesday's City Council meeting will also be reviewed.