Pro-life: The new face of the modern movement

A pin depicting a fetus' feet at 10 weeks is worn to show fetal development in the womb. These pins demonstrate support for the anti-abortion movement.

The 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade that guaranteed women's constitutional right to choose an abortion created a deep divide in American life. Recent polls now show a shifting of support between pro-choice and anti-abortion factions. Anti-abortion groups have hardened their resolve while adopting a strategy of compassion in their efforts to ban abortions.

LETTER: Citizens Police Review Board needs new process

The board's process is dramatically flawed because the police chief is the final arbiter. To fix this problem, theColumbia City Council  should receive recommendations from the board.

Q&A: A discussion with a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman

Michelle Trupiano, public affairs manager and lobbyist for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, defines the organization's mission and its relationship to groups and individuals opposed to it.

USS Columbia plans for MU tailgate party while at sea

The Navy submarine will use recipes from Flat Branch Pub and Brewing for the September party, which is intended as a morale booster.

Columbia gamers see validation in Supreme Court ruling

Gamers say violent or not, video games are an art form, so they're happy the Supreme Court gave games a little love in a ruling early this week.

Kylan Stubler still missing, fails to appear in court

It's been more than two months since Kylan Stubler disappeared. As his family and friends hope for his return, a police investigation has turned up no good leads.

UPDATE: Nixon sets aside additional $100 million in disaster aid

The additional disaster aid will be funded by better-than-expected state tax revenues. Missouri's financial commitment now stands at $150 million.

Festivals and fireworks to mark Fourth of July weekend in Columbia

Columbia residents can enjoy a series of events throughout the weekend that celebrate the holiday.

Residential produce sales not allowed in Columbia despite nationwide trend

A change in zoning laws allows produce to be sold on residential property in Kansas City is turning heads in Columbia.

Man arrested early Friday on suspicion of knife attack

A man was treated for a large laceration near his right eye and various cuts around his body.

Suspect arrested in connection with knife stabbing

A 19-year-old was taken to the hospital with a collapsed lung after a large fight downtown Thursday night.

Corps of engineers thinks Birds Point berm will hold against flooding

The Mississippi is rising once again and the Army Corps of Engineers is hoping that a temporary berm will hold back floodwaters.

Man leads police on 50-mile chase from Farmington to Arnold

The man was caught on Interstate 55 south of St. Louis.