Boone County residents describe what patriotism means to them

Independence Day offers a chance to reflect on the concept of patriotism.

PHOTO GALLERY: Finding independence

The concept of independence follows us from birth. We become our own person from the first time we see through our own eyes and when we can take care of ourselves. We learn independence in school, from the jobs we take, and, despite adversity, we still find independence late in life.


United States flag gains new meaning in post-9/11 world

Examining how the symbol of the Stars and Stripes has changed since Sept. 11, 2001. The National 9/11 Flag has been traveling the country — a journey for the country's most recognizable symbol that has brought most Americans along.

New Jersey paves way on tightening public worker benefits

In union-friendly New Jersey, a Republican governor aided by Democrats enacted sweeping cost-saving changes that touched pensions and health care simultaneously.

Columbia father and son duo hunt for frogs, then eat the legs

Steve Hudson and his son, Stevie, share a love for frog hunting, also known as frogging. They carry on a family tradition by going frogging throughout the season.

Engorged Missouri River continues to wreak havoc

A Missouri River advocacy group that had to cancel a paddling race fundraiser planned for Saturday is making plans to clear the banks after the flooding recedes.

Missouri seeks to analyze criminal sentences

A nonprofit group will attempt to create a data-driven report on the relationship between Missouri's sentencing and its recidivism rate.

Effort under way to preserve history of Joplin as well as its tornado

In addition to the loss of two early neighborhoods, some historic homes and buildings were lost in the Joplin tornado. An effort is under way to preserve the history of the tornado itself. Artifacts are being collected to reflect the power of the tornado.

Report: More than 100 million suffer lasting pain

The economic costs are likely to attract attention in Congress, which mandated the report as part of the new health care law. The report found health care for pain costs $261 billion to $300 billion a year, while lost productivity adds another $297 billion to $336 billion.

DISPATCH FROM JOPLIN: We can be ourselves again

An MU student discusses how she deals with being asked about her hometown, Joplin, now that it is a recognizable name.

Some worry about nuclear plant evacuation plans

People who live near nuclear power plants voiced a mixture of anxiety, confidence and resignation about the safety of reactors. Many doubted they can safely and quickly evacuate in a major accident. 

First phase of Scott Boulevard project nearly done

Two years after construction began, phase one is nearly complete and currently under budget.

Kansas City to model all-boys school after Chicago school

Superintendent John Covington said the Kansas City Preparatory Academy's inspiration is Urban Prep Academies, a private network of all-boys schools that serves students from some of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods.


Missouri River flooding interrupts fishermen's plans, can improve lives of fish

Fishing guide John Trager, also known as "Captain Catfish," has lost opportunities to fish the Missouri River this year. He has taken clients to other bodies of water in the meantime.

Springfield author pens biography about famous country singer Red Foley

In her book "Troubles, Faith and Peace in the Valley," Reta Spears-Stewart recounts the struggles and accomplishments of a beloved Missouri star.