Eat your veggies: Food companies add extra serving of health

As parents find ways to incorporate more vegetables into family diets, the food industry is following suit.  

LETTER: Culture department doesn't know much about art

Is Columbia's arts department living up to its citizens' expectations?

Columbia activists rally McCaskill, Blunt for humanitarian aid in Gaza

Protesters gathered in response to Greece's denial of a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid items to the Gaza strip. They wanted legislative officials to support an end to the Israeli blockade.

Extreme couponers boost grocery savings during recession

Coupon clipping has helped some people save up to 90 percent on groceries. But on the other hand, it brings increased levels of frustration, long lines and sometimes empty shelves.

Treasurer approves more than $200 million in farm, business loans

Loans through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program have affected about 4,000 jobs and farmers in Missouri this year, and participation is about 50 percent higher than it was last year.

Former astronauts, NASA managers fight to extend retiring shuttle program

Former astronauts and NASA managers are arguing for a pause of more than a year in the soon-to-be-retired space shuttle program.

Snake causes power outage in St. Louis area

About 24,000 homes didn't have electricity after a snake ventured into a substation and zapped a high-voltage line.