ROSE NOLEN: Democracy doesn't mean stooping to make a buck

It's time to ask ourselves what democracy is all about and how far we are willing to go to feather our nests.

U.S. government to regulate medical apps for iPhone, Android, other devices

The Food and Drug Administration said it will begin regulating some smartphone applications that combine with medical devices.

Sweet sale: $58 million for part of Hershey's original plant

The company wants to sell part of its original chocolate plant, but it's unclear on the plans for the rest of the property. Chocolate production is ending in Hershey, Pa., next year. The company will move into a new plant in West Hershey.

St. Louis woman rescued after falling in Niagara waters

A St. Louis woman was rescued by a tour boat crew after she fell into the Whirlpool Rapids. She had been trying to touch the water.

4,500 couples celebrate at mass wedding reception in Indonesia

About 15,000 guests attended the mass wedding reception in Jakarta. The couples were from low-income backgrounds and received free marriage certificates.

Permit approved for NASCAR-style racetrack in the Ozarks

Plans to build a racetrack in the Ozarks move forward after a county planning commission approved a permit for the NASCAR-style track. The approval came with several conditions.