Halt '3-ring-circus' of debt-limit debate, Obama says in TV speech

The president spoke a few hours after first Republicans, then Democrats drafted rival fallback legislation Monday to avert a potentially devastating government default.

Recent poll: Americans stressed about debt, limiting credit card use

A June poll revealed that Americans' debt-related stress is up since the fall, but about half only charge items to credit cards when they can afford to pay for them at month's end.

Expiring patents to bring generic versions of Lipitor, Plavix and other drugs

The number of drugs that will see generic versions released on the pharmaceuticals market is unprecedented.

Illinois man drowns, 1 injured at Lake of Ozarks resort

The man's father tried to rescue him after he went under water.

Missouri appeals court overturns ruling on deer-hunting regulations

The rules in contention prohibit the use of a "motor-driven air, land or water conveyances" while deer hunting.

Salvation Army has unclaimed items in Sedalia

The tornado that struck on May 25 scattered personal effects across parts of the city; the Salvation Army office has three boxes of items yet to be claimed.

FBI uses Missouri case to highlight danger of laser pointers to aircraft

The laser grows as it gets farther from its source, and the light can be blinding to pilots.