Corn supply tightens for 2012, prices expected to rise

Corn farmers are sitting on a surplus, but prices are expected to rise because of expectations that unseasonably hot weather has damaged this year's crop.

Columbia Audubon Society votes to allow Scott's Branch Trail construction

Members of Columbia Audubon Society voted 29-19 to allow the Scott's Branch Trail to be built through the society's property, but there are several conditions.

Food Bank hosts Kids Helping Kids Day on Saturday

The Food Bank will host a day specifically for youth volunteers who will participate in the Buddy Pack program.

Church to offer Sunday school for children with special needs

The program, called All God's Children, was made possible by an anonymous donation. It will serve children through the fifth grade.

'Voluntourism' movement becoming popular among travelers

More people are choosing to give back to the community by doing volunteering work during vacations. 

Endangered American burying beetle could be reintroduced to Missouri

The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed reintroducing the beetle in southwest Missouri, and the beetles proposed for release are being raised at the St. Louis Zoo. The Missouri Department of Conservation is holding a public meeting about the proposal.

Kirkwood's new metal sculpture still needs a name

The Kirkwood Farmers' Market is holding a naming contest to determine the name of the farmer featured in the sculpture.