WELCOME BACK: Heritage Festival draws attendees back in time

The festival at Nifong Park allows visitors to see a traditional Missouri settlement from 1850s era.

Kansas City committee shelves light rail vote for now

The earliest that the light rail initiative could appear on a ballot is February.

WELCOME BACK: A history of Homecoming at MU

This year marks the centennial homecoming at MU.

Burial is 100,000th in Missouri National Guard program

The 100,000th person to receive military funeral honors through the Missouri National Guard Funeral Honors Program was buried this week.

WELCOME BACK: A recap of the summer's top stories

This summer, cicadas invaded Columbia with their deafening chorus, the Missouri River flooded, summer heat broke records and downtown parking rates doubled. 

COMMENTARY: AT&T takeover of T-Mobile won't create new jobs

AT&T and T-Mobile's merger will cut, not create, jobs. The government needs to stop the merger to help fight off the rising unemployment numbers.