RESOURCES: Getting up to speed on this week's earthquakes

We've compiled a list of links to help you follow the magnitude-5.9 East Coast earthquake, the magnitude-5.3 Colorado earthquake and mid-Missouri's earthquake risk. 

Local consignment sale offers help to people of mid-Missouri

Just Between Friends is holding its semiannual consignment sale this Thursday through Saturday. The sale will allow people to buy gently used items for discounted prices.

Columbia bus riders react to proposed transit changes

We asked bus riders how they would alter their transit routines if changes proposed by the city manager take effect.

Seven Columbia schools will dismiss early Wednesday because of heat

This will be the first time the new heat dismissal procedure is used, said Michelle Baumstark, community relations coordinator for Columbia Public Schools.

Ward Reapportionment Committee to meet this afternoon

The Ward Reapportionment Committee is meeting to discuss three previous proposals as well as two new trials.

Libyans and Muslims in Columbia react to rebel takeover of Tripoli

Libyans living in Columbia share their reactions to rebels taking control of Tripoli and hope for quick and peaceful regime change.

Car and deer wrecks rising in Town and Country

The St. Louis suburb, Town and Country, will discuss hiring a sharp shooter to address the problem.

Missouri Senate natural disaster committee to meet

The senators will examine the natural disasters — severe snow, tornadoes and flooding — that happened in the state this year. 

Back-to-school vaccines important for adolescents too

It's not just the kindergarteners who need vaccines — especially when it comes to whooping cough and meningitis. 

ROSE NOLEN: Working together can be the glue the nation needs

We can choose either to live together or die alone. For the sake of the nation and our families, let's learn to peacefully reside among one another, despite our backgrounds and biases.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hurricane Irene headed toward U.S. coast

Hurricane Irene continues its path to the U.S. with possible landfall in North Carolina by Saturday. Forecasters predict it will then chug up the East Coast, dumping rain from Virginia to New York City before a much-weakened form trudges through New England.

Obama administration plans to cut hundreds of regulations for small businesses

The reforms will focus on scrapping "dumb" rules and helping small businesses, the administration said. The cut-backs are expected to save businesses $10 billion over five years.

First-day enrollment down slightly at Missouri State

Even with enrollment down nearly 300 students from last year, administrators expect total enrollment to approach last year's record highs by the time the school's official census is taken.