Developer of The Links fined for Clean Water Act violation

Violations include failures to minimize runoff, follow a stormwater pollution prevention plan, comply with water quality standards and conduct site inspections.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ignoring will of people is a flawed concept of democracy

The "Your Vote Counts" petition, which would require at least a three-fourths majority vote in the legislature to overturn an voter-approved initiative, would protect the voice of Missouri's citizens.

Cultural Affairs group concerned about move

Some members of the Commission on Cultural Affairs aren't so sure about moving offices to building that houses Convention and Visitors Bureau. Mike Matthes, the city manager, says there's lots of reasons to support the move.

Not just a uniform: It's a message to Missouri fans, opponents

Uniforms for Missouri teams involve more than just picking gold and black colors. The use, ruggedness and design send a message to fans and opposing teams.

Resources to help you keep up with the Columbia Public Schools bond issue

Air conditioning and other building improvement items are among the projects included in the public school bond issue voters approved last year.

ROSE NOLEN: Education used to be the cornerstone of community life

The departure from traditional values in today's tech-driven world is robbing America's youth of the pleasures and opportunities public education used to provide.

City conducts survey on using roll carts for trash collection

A report by the Public Works Department is on the way to the City Council for review. If approved, an automated trash collection system will be in place sometime during or after 2013.

UPDATE: Woman arrested in connection with false report of Subway robbery

Detectives arrested a Subway worker Tuesday afternoon in connection with a false report of a strong-arm robbery.

Columbia Police investigating death of local DJ

Columbia Police are investigating the death of Marvin Holmes, a DJ who performed regularly at DC's Bar and Grill.

WHAT OTHER SAY: Solve that gambling problem? Come on back

The Missouri Gaming Commission passed a new rule that would allow people who previously signed up voluntarily for a lifetime exclusion to return to casinos after five years on "The List."

Missouri lawmakers seek answers in Medicaid contract flap with Indiana company

The House Interim Committee on Budget Transparency is expected to summon officials from the state Department of Health and Senior Services to a noon meeting Wednesday.

DAVID ROSMAN: When celebrating Labor Day, thank those who made the workplace better

As we approach Labor Day, we have laborers to thank for 40-hour work weeks, minimum-wage laws, benefit packages and fair-labor and anti-discrimination laws.

Texas schools react to Aggies' decision

It was difficult for universities in the Lone Star State not to react to Wednesday's news that Texas A&M, which has been in the Big 12 since the conference's founding in 1996, plans to leave the league.


Missouri Gov. Nixon may back tax relief for Joplin businesses

Gov. Jay Nixon said Wednesday there is "a solid shot" of including the tax break on the agenda for the legislative session that begins next Tuesday.

Earleywine given contract extension as Missouri softball coach

After three straight Women’s College World Series appearances, Earleywine was given a seven-year contract extension.

Review board disagrees with Columbia police over governing ordinance

The ordinance governing the Citizens Police Review Board has become a sticking point in relations between it and the Columbia Police. The two groups must compromise on various issues — including definitions of police misconduct and the openness of police records — or the City Council will take up the matter.

Cities nationwide affected by lagging municipal bonds

Kansas City, for example, is unable to resolve public works problems due to a decrease in available municipal bonds.

Trial date for eldest Mohler pushed back again

Burrell Mohler Sr., arrested in November 2009, is charged alongside his four sons and brother in a case where several of their young family members were molested in the early 1980s.

Local director screening 'The Pardoners' at Ragtag Cinema

Brian Mauer wants to remind Columbia residents that despite the economic downturn and budget cuts that resulted in the closure of the Missouri Film Office in June, the local filmmaking community is still active, and will remain so.

FEMA funding freeze could affect Joplin, other Missouri communities

Gov. Jay Nixon is working to find out how a FEMA funding freeze in response to Hurricane Irene will affect communities in Missouri.