Astronomers now think Earth once had two moons

In what scientists are describing as the "big splat," the two moons collided about 4.4 billion years ago to create the lopsided appearance of the moon seen today.

Banks ask for peanut butter, help provide 'Buddy Packs'

Commerce Bank is accepting donations through Aug. 12 to help the Food Bank make "Buddy Packs" for students who need extra nourishment.

Search resumes for Missouri trooper; dog's body found

Trooper Fred Guthrie Jr., 46, of Platte City has been missing since Monday when he disappeared while patrolling flooded lands in Holt County.

State lacks money to finish rest stop renovations

The state is roughly halfway done with the project, but may not have the money to complete the entire project.

Missouri soldier charged with first-degree murder

Justin S. Cannon, 21, was charged with first-degree murder just hours after he had attended his 16-year-old wife's funeral Monday. He is charged with killing Michael Griggs, 24.

J. KARL MILLER: Obama, Democrats failed to anticipate mood of electorate

Much of the lengthy impasse during the debt ceiling negotiations is due to President Obama's Robin Hood class-envy tactic wherein the wealthy become the villains.

Missouri State Genealogical Association conference comes to Columbia on Friday

Panelists for the Missouri State Genealogical Association meeting include the executive director of the State Historical Society and an archivist from the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis.

COMMENTARY: Rupert Murdoch committed crimes and called it 'freedom of the press'

Murdoch is guilty of dishonesty, damaging people's lives and hurting the profession of journalism.


Governor releases $1.2 million for three programs in Missouri

Spending cuts to the programs were part of $172 million Nixon trimmed from the current budget that took effect in July. 

Peppers Nightclub reopens after health violations, still faces injunction

The county is seeking an injunction to close the business for one year.

Boone County Fairgrounds still in limbo; new management discussion pending

The Boone County Fairgrounds has been losing money and is in need of a new management structure. The fair board and the county commission agree on that, but what's next for the fairgrounds remains to be seen.

ROSE NOLEN: There's nothing more tragic than broken families

Without level-headed parents and a strong, well-grounded educational system to guide the way, a lot of people got lost and drifted in and out of the good life.

Gabbert impressive in first week with Jaguars

It's exactly what the Jacksonville Jaguars expected when they selected the former Missouri quarterback 10th overall in April's NFL draft.

School Board weighs pros and cons of collective bargaining policies

The Columbia School Board is considering two versions of the first collective bargaining policy for Columbia Public Schools. A vote is expected next month.

Senate passes emergency legislation to raise debt limit, Obama signs

Following the House's vote on Monday, the Senate followed suit with last-minute debt legislation on Tuesday.

Columbia boy to compete in Pokemon World Championships

Eleven-year-old Luke Sherman placed fourth in the junior division nationally, and he's getting an all-expenses paid trip to San Diego to compete again — this time, at the world level.


Lesser-known works of George Caleb Bingham on exhibit at historical society

Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham was known mostly for his prints, but his lesser-known works were portraits focused on women and children. Twelve of these works are on display this summer in "Women, Children, and George Caleb Bingham," the exhibit at the State Historical Society of Missouri at MU.

Ted Bundy's DNA to be added to national database

A vial of serial killer Ted Bundy's blood was found in a county clerk's office in Florida. The discovery could potentially solve cold cases from the 1970s.

MU wrestling team member dies in car accident

Phillip Perry died in a car crash early Tuesday morning in Hannibal.

Jesse Auditorium gets $1 million renovation

If the seats at Jesse Auditorium feel a little more comfy this fall, it's because they're new. So are the paint and the carpet.