Norway steels itself against putting terror suspects behind bars

Despite numerous cases of potential terrorist activity, Norway has not indicted a single suspect since 2000.

10-year Pearl Harbor anniversary reflects 1950s United States

As the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches, a look back on how the United States remembered the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Legacy of 9/11 impacts both Bush, Obama presidencies

Sept. 11 hangs over the two men's presidencies, but the country is moving forward.

Pennsylvania town sees responsibility to honor 9/11 dead

Shanksville, Pa., is home to the monument honoring the passengers of Flight 93, who heroically prevented the plane from reaching Washington.

World Trade Center memorial guide of names debuts as iPhone app

People can now download an app for mobile devices listing all 3,000 names as well as biographical information about victims of the 9/11 attacks. The app shows the location of each name on the World Trade Center memorial, set to open on the 10th anniversary.

Post-9/11, New Yorkers experience decline and rebirth

No two Americans have had the same experiences since 9/11. One man sees the decline of a once-great country, while another looks with hope to the future.

Obama, counterterror groups dub 'lone wolf's' bite as most dangerous

According to Western security authorities, homegrown extremism disconnected from large organizations — known as the "lone wolf" phenomenon — is the most serious threat in the fight against terrorism.  The Internet and other online media are believed to be responsible for the difficulty behind anticipating and preventing covert attacks.

Columbia man dies in early morning car accident

David Mcbride, a passenger in a Nissan Pathfinder, was killed in an accident on Blue Ridge Road after the driver lost control of the car, hit a telephone pole and flipped the car.

For parents and kids alike, 9/11 left its imprints

ANALYSIS: U.S. safer, but not safe enough

A look into what the U.S. government has done since the Sept. 11 attacks and how officials could improve upon national security.

Columbia College volleyball goes 3-1 at Quality Inn Classic

The Cougars won Saturday against Briar Cliff University and Wiley College in straight sets.

Canoe-kayak race for adult/child teams to be held at Philips Lake Park

The Generations Adult/Child Canoe-Kayak Race is scheduled for Sept. 24.

Missouri athletics director surprised by Oklahoma remarks

Mike Alden said Saturday that Missouri remains focused on keeping the conference intact while continuing to strengthen the school's profile.