THE WEEK IN COMMENTS: Democracy, wasteful spending and sustainability

Missourian readers debate voter initiatives, wasteful government and wartime spending, Fourth Amendment violations and outsourcing in this week's comments.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cooler temperatures bring about much needed relief

After a hot week, temperatures dropped into the 70s on Sunday.

THE WEEK IN PHOTOS: Missouri football, Kewpie softball and Ramadan

Missourian photographers captured moments from events in Columbia last week, including the first weekend of college football, the last day of Ramadan and the opening of Columbia's first Catholic high school.

Missouri latest school with digital sports network

The Mizzou Network will be an Internet-based channel with broadcasts of the school's Olympic sports along with behind-the-scenes glimpses into previously off-limits activities such as football practices.

Missouri soccer gets first road win of the season

The Tigers got a positive start to their series of road matches by beating Texas Christian University.

New grant to improve energy efficiency in The District

"City Green: The District" is a federal grant that will encourage Columbia businesses to be more environmentally friendly.

Two men from Tebbetts, Russellville killed in Osage River boating accident

A boat driven by Christopher Winkler, 33, of Jefferson City traveled over two boats, killing two and injuring three others.

9/11 lesson plans reflect complexity, sensitivity surrounding attacks

A decade later, educators across the country are trying to contextualize 9/11 for an audience too young to remember.

Unemployed face tough competition from the underemployed

Part-time workers who want full-time work and people who stopped looking for jobs are also competing with the unemployed for jobs.

Missouri lawmakers seek to end tax break for poor, disabled

Missouri lawmakers will likely repeal the low-income tax credit that benefits senior citizens and the disabled on Tuesday.

Near 10th anniversary, 9/11 exhibitions abound in New York

Three artists who have been working on 9/11 exhibits will show off their work in exhibitions commemorating the 10th anniversary.

The Memorial Architect: Arad's 9/11 moment arrives

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, Michael Arad's memorial is ready to be built.

Since 9/11, at least 35,000 convicted under anti-terror laws

Reporters filed information requests in more than 100 countries to investigate how many people had been put behind bars under anti-terror laws enacted following the 9/11 attacks. The number: at least 35,000.

Brazil denies terrorists operate within its borders

Histories of political persecution have led several Latin American nations to resist anti-terror laws, frustrating those countries — including the United States — who consider terrorism to be a growing global concern.

THE WEEK IN MISSOURI FOOTBALL: Win over Miami (Ohio), Big 12 uncertainty

Missouri beat Miami (Ohio) 17-6 on Saturday, taking Tigers fans' minds off of conference realignment for a day.

THE WEEK'S MOST-READ STORIES: Missouri football leads Top 10

Visitors to the Missourian's website read stories about Missouri football, Ramadan, the sentencing of James Kraig Kahler and Columbia's first Catholic high school.