Man's body recovered from Lake of Ozarks

The body of a 93-year-old man who drowned while fishing Sunday afternoon at the Lake of the Ozarks was recovered Monday.

Clinton County man dies in tractor accident near Cameron

Jesus G. Carreno died five miles southeast of Cameron when the tractor he was driving overturned on a downhill gravel road and landed on him.

St. Louis researchers look at cheaper anesthesia awareness method

The device that monitors brain activity known as the bispectral index is no more effective than a more simple and less expensive method of measuring anesthetic concentration levels in the breath.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Political shuffling begins in race for governor

Kevin Elmer, a Republican representative from Nixa in the Missouri House of Representatives, has raised concerns about Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's viability as a candidate for governor.

9/11 anniversary painful for mother who lost two sons

Sandra Grazioso lost her two sons who worked at the World Trade Center on 9/11. She said she has found enormous comfort from a support group called "Cantor Moms" formed by mothers.

ESSAY: Post-9/11, 'new normal' looks much like old

For many Americans, 10 years, two wars and an outburst of outrage following the events of 9/11 has resulted in a world surprisingly similiar to the way things were before.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Reflecting on Sept. 11 can be healing

The 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks is a time to remember how our lives have changed since that day.

GUEST COMMENTARY: How not to create jobs — some advice for Gov. Nixon

Gov. Jay Nixon is trying to create new jobs by building new warehouses at the St. Louis airport, but his plan will do more harm than good.

Columbia residents enjoy family, friends on Labor Day

Columbia residents reflect on the meaning of Labor Day. Today, the holiday marks more of a day spent with friends and family rather than one to celebrate the American workforce.

While others play, some work on Labor Day

On Monday morning, employees of some downtown restaurants and retail stores spoke about keeping business as usual for the holiday.

Everything you want to know about Labor Day

Today, Labor Day for many is less a time to reflect on workers rights and the labor movement and more of a chance to mark the unofficial end of summer.