Miners to discuss work in Missouri lead mines

Retired miners, mill workers and other lead company workers will reminisce about life in the mines this weekend at an open house this weekend in Park Hills.

Columbia boasts 18 National Merit semifinalists

The qualifying seniors from Christian Fellowship School, Hickman High School and Rock Bridge High School will compete with about 16,000 other students nationwide for scholarships.

Missouri high school SAT attendance up, performance slightly down

More Missouri high school students took the SAT this year, and the scores were almost unchanged from the previous year. The state's scores beat the national average.

DAVID ROSMAN: Columbia's dysfunctional transit system needs complete overhaul

The city should consider a public transportation system like that in Boulder, Colo.

GUEST COMMENTARY: CEOs are routinely rewarded for tax-dodging gymnastics

CEOs of major U.S. companies are avoiding U.S. taxes by putting profits into offshore tax havens.

Father of Natalee Holloway seeks death declaration

After the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway, her father is now asking the court to declare his daughter dead.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Loss of 30 servicemen in one helicopter is shameful

Questions arise from putting an entire Seal Team detachment on one helicopter.

Missouri lawmakers convene in annual veto session

Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed 14 bills approved during this year's regular session. Lawmakers are meeting Wednesday to consider overriding some of those vetoes.