Goodwill employee rewarded for turning in cash found at store

The outlet awarded $100 to employee Albert Jesse for his good deed. The outlet will keep the money for 90 days to see whether the owner of the $1,300 claims it.

EAST CAMPUS: Students connect with nature, science by studying Monet's art

Students from Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School use Monet's famous water lily paintings to integrate studies of science and art. One parent said it was important for art to be incorporated into classes because it helps "give meaning to what you do."

Descendants make amends to Chinook for Lewis and Clark canoe theft

When William Clark and Meriwether Lewis needed to return home from their westward journey more than 200 years ago, they were short a canoe, so they stole one from the Chinook Indians. On Saturday, Clark's descendants will present a replica of the canoe to the Chinook Indian Nation.

Committees rank proposals for bike trails and sidewalk improvement

Bike trails, sidewalk improvements are the top recommendations for the $5.1 million GetAbout Columbia grant. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission and the Parks and Recreation Department were the last groups to rank the list of proposed projects. 

Woman injured in rollover accident on I-70 Drive

The driver swerved to avoid another vehicle and slid into a ditch. Her injuries were non-life threatening.

Think you're too drunk to drive? There's an app for that

A new "Show Me My Buzz" app for smartphones lets users estimate their blood alcohol content, warns them not to drive and gives them instant access to local taxi information.

CEDAR RIDGE: Principal helps women get work experience

Columbia women work with students at Cedar Ridge Elementary School as a respite against economic hard times.

BENTON STEPHENS: Benton Elementary transitions into STEM school

The school year is in session, and Benton Elementary school is embracing its shift to a curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Jefferson City ABB transformer factory contributes to Missouri wind farms

The world's largest transformer distribution factory, located in Jefferson City, creates parts that help run Missouri's wind farms.

Columbia man seriously injured after motorcycle accident

Christopher Meives was taken to University Hospital after being ejected from his motorcycle. As of Friday, there was no information on his current condition.

Car show to take place Saturday at Hickman High School

The car show is taking place Saturday at Hickman High School from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Obama calls for states to circumvent Bush's No Child Left Behind

President Barack Obama announced states can disregard some of  the law's stipulations.

Questions and answers about latest Facebook changes

Some of the social networking site's changes have already gone live, and there are other features yet to come. Here's a look at what those changes are and why they are happening.

MU stem cell research lecture hopes to dispel misconceptions

MU professor of biological sciences Mark Kirk's research focuses on stem cell therapies to treat Batten disease and spinal cord injuries.

BLUE RIDGE-OAKLAND: Derby Ridge Elementary students celebrate at Street Dance

Students, parents and teachers had a chance to get to know each other while having fun at the school's annual open house event.

Receding Missouri River reveals badly damaged land

Not only have floodwaters left their mark with sand dunes, debris and deep gouges, but also in soil quality. Some fields in Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa could be out of production for at least a year as farmers clean up their land. 

Missouri Attorney General Koster to run for second term

After serving a term in the state Senate, Koster was elected attorney general in 2008. In 2007, Koster switched parties from Republican to Democrat.

Rock Bridge football team falls to Rockhurst

The Bruins scored six points against the state's top-ranked team.

Hickman boys cross country takes second in Rolla

Missouri S&T enrollment reaches highest level in 30 years

Both distance education programs and on-campus enrollment grew. So did female enrollment.