MU's claim to crown of first homecoming contested

Schools and scholars have recently begun to dispute the university's claim to the first homecoming, and several other schools have risen to claim the title.

Missouri Theatre shared inventory seen as advantage to MU

As part of a lease agreement between MU and the Missouri Symphony Society for the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, ownership of more than 335 pieces of equipment will be transferred to MU, including more than 180 musical instruments and audio components.

Fraternity facilitates conversation on Troy Davis, death penalty at Black Culture Center

The crowd of mostly students discussed the morality of having the death penalty in modern society.

ON THE BLOG: Is Missouri in flight from the Big 12?

Is Missouri in flight from the Big 12? To read about the curious case of the of the plane that went to Birmingham, go to the Missourian Sports Blog.

Columbia College soccer player Yamaguchi shines in new midfield position

Since moving from forward to midfielder, Yudai Yamaguchi has led the Cougars with six assists in eight games.

Columbia sobriety checkpoint yields seven arrests

Columbia police participated in a statewide crackdown on drunken driving during the week of Sept. 19 as part of the ongoing You Drink & Drive, You Lose campaign.

Sousaphones expand their reach in Marching Mizzou

This year, there are 27 sousaphones in Marching Mizzou. They add a darker sound and a bigger visual to the band.

NCAA president says money's role too big

NCAA President Mark Emmert is urging school presidents to consider factors besides revenue when choosing conference affiliation.

Crowd voices opinions about Columbia power-line proposals

Columbia Water and Light hosted an open house to educate stakeholders about potential changes to city power lines.

Missouri agency inundated with student loan payments

The Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority will begin to process a sizable amount of federal loans — about 100,000 accounts — around Oct. 20.

Woman hospitalized after stabbing

A woman was stabbed twice Wednesday as she walked home along Blue Ridge Road near Brown Station Road at around 4 a.m.

Missouri volleyball team wasn't focused during Kansas State match

The Missouri volleyball team was hurt by mistakes throughout its loss to Kansas State on Wednesday night, something its coach blamed on rough practices.

Rock Bridge soccer team holds off Hickman

Rock Bridge survived some frantic final minutes to escape with a 1-0 win over visiting rival Hickman on Wednesday night.

Chinese association honors Mayor McDavid, prepares for foreign delegation

Delegates from the Laoshan District of Qingdao, China, plan to visit between Oct. 23 and Nov. 4.

Firefighters must pay to get their children out of unaccredited schools

On Wednesday, Missouri lawmakers heard from parents concerned that their children were trapped in failing school districts because of the nature of their jobs.

FAIRVIEW: Russell Boulevard Elementary School to host kindergarten picnic

Students, teachers and family members will get a chance to interact at Thursday's event, which will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

BLUE RIDGE-OAKLAND: Central Missouri Humane Society to host fundraising events at Subway, Ruby Tuesday

The humane society will host two Community Give Back nights in October. Proceeds will go toward food and veterinary care for the animals.

Missouri's first Natural Grocers opens in former Ethan Allen showroom

A family-owned natural and organic grocery store chain opened farthest East store

Boone County finds temporary management for fairgrounds

The recently formed TAG Events, LLC, will have a three-month contract with the county, and will focus on revamping the fairgrounds accounting system to be more open, transparent and orderly.

Rock Bridge swimmer sees strength in his stature

Thomas Jamieson-Lucy has always been a determined, motivated swimmer who never lets his size get in the way of his dreams.