Derrick Washington's attorney requests jury trial in domestic assault case

Washington's lawyer made the motion Friday for a jury to hear the charges. If granted, the request will push the case up to the circuit level.

Callaway County authorities investigate death of man near Fulton

The body of 20-year-old Adam E. Keith was found Friday morning on the side of a road near Fulton. 

Boone County Public Works to close Hinkson Creek Bridge

The bridge will be closed starting Monday for repairs.

Wild turkey hatchling numbers take wing

Wild turkeys in the "turkey productivity region" that includes Boone County achieved the highest hatch ratio in the state this year.

St. Louis neurosurgeon offers innovative cerebral palsy surgery

T.S. Park, a neurosurgeon from St. Louis Children's Hospital, has refined an operation called selective dorsal rhizotomy for children with cerebral palsy. The relieves muscle spasticity, which allows the children to walk.

Study on stray bullets leads to uncomforting statistics

Study finds that stray bullets killed or injured 317 people between 2008 and 2009. Twenty percent of of the accidents resulted in death.

Ex-addict finds road back to success

Declining support for missions and drug rehabilitation programs could limit similar stories of recovery.

State Democratic Party chair to run for lieutenant governor

Democratic chairwoman Susan Montee joins two others in the race to replace Republican Peter Kinder as lieutenant governor.

Missouri representative Kander seeks to succeed Carnahan as secretary of state

State Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, announced he would enter the race about half an hour after Carnahan announced she would not seek a third term.

Missouri Attorney General offers online tips for avoiding identity theft

Chris Koster's website now includes a section devoted to identity theft prevention, with tips about shredding documents with personal information and creating hard-to-crack passwords.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama's stance on Palestine pits U.S. and Israel against the world

The Obama administration has balked on its stance for Palestinian independence, and the decision looks like political posturing, rather than true leadership.

Granby's state fine paid out of mayor's pocket

The southwest Missouri town doesn't have the money to pay a $2,500 fine from the Department of Natural Resources, so mayor Donna Fullerton is paying it herself.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's use common sense in the Postal Service debate

Job cuts and service decline in the U.S. Postal Service will sever a lifeline for many Americans.