TCU officially joins Big 12 Conference

Texas Christian Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr., left, laughs with Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas after a press conference in Fort Worth, Texas, announcing TCU's acceptance of an invitation to join the Big 12 Conference on Monday.

The Horned Frogs will replace Texas A&M as the 1oth team in the league on July 1, 2012. The Aggies joined the SEC on Sept. 25.

Rooster finds paradise at Peace Park

A rooster has made Peace Park his home for months. Officials with Animal Control and MU say efforts to catch the rooster have been halfhearted.

Pinkel hopes depth chart shake-ups will stop Missouri football's slump

Head coach Gary Pinkel said the shake-ups show that there's a lot of healthy competition between his players, and that it's encouraging good work from the team.

Japanese man runs across US for tsunami relief

Katzhiko Takashige visited Columbia 20 years ago on a cross-country bicycle trip. Now he's back in the area, this time running across the country to raise money for victims of the 2010 Japanese tsunami.

School board sends collective bargaining policies back to committee

The collective bargaining policies were sent back to the policy committee because the board was prepared to make a decision.

Residents of Columbia's Fourth Ward seek recall of Daryl Dudley

A petition, which will begin circulating Tuesday, accuses the councilman of gerrymandering and ignoring public opinion, among other things.

City Council considering sidewalk improvements near Hickman High School

The Columbia City Council will consider asking contractors to bid on sidewalk improvements along Providence Road, including the intersection with Business Loop 70 East.

UPDATE: Document outlines Missouri's SEC options

"There are 33 million reasons" to join the SEC, said a university official who had reviewed the report, citing the number of television households in the SEC's reach.

Missouri baseball super fan likes to be heard

Larry Wyatt II, a 35-year-old Columbia native, has been attending Missouri baseball games since spring 1995.

Hickman soccer shuts out Fatima in rain-soaked game

The Kewpies' soccer team overcame a rainy first half to beat the Fatima Comets 5-0 in a home game Monday night.

Columbia family finds solace for their son in bowling

Matt Matney, a freshman at Oakland Junior High School, has had many struggles in his young life, but bowling is helping him work some of them out.

Undead prey on living in Humans vs. Zombies game at MU

Human and zombie squads share a sense of camaraderie in the weeklong game of moderated tag that has taken place every semester at MU since 2009.

Woman dies in Hartsburg house fire

She lived with her husband and granddaughter, neither of whom was home at the time of the fire. Its cause is still under investigation.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri legislators, do something or go home

Since getting started in early September, Missouri’s special session has come to resemble a jalopy lurching down a highway, sputtering at every curve.

Big crowd raises money at Walk to End Alzheimer's

More than $45,000 was raised at Sunday's event, held at Stephens Lake Park. The money will be used to support Alzheimer Association services at both the local and national levels.

Energize Missouri Tour to visit Columbia promoting energy efficiency

The tour, which includes a variety of interactive exhibits designed to teach people about home energy efficiency, will be in town Wednesday and Thursday.

GUEST COMMENTARY: What have they done with Ron Paul?

No matter how well he might perform in the polls or at fundraising, he's largely a nonperson in the press.

Police back at home of Kansas City missing baby

Deborah Bradley, the baby's mother, has said police told her she failed a lie detector test.

Columbia School Board to vote on new technology plan, bullying instruction

The agenda for Monday night's meeting could also include a vote on teachers' collective bargaining rights.

CHAPEL HILL: Songbird Station holds seminar on bats

Sybill Amelon, who fosters and rehabilitates the creatures, brought five live bats with her to a free bat seminar held Sunday.